Rainbow Mac And Cheese In All Of Its Majesty

Rainbow colored food has taken over our news feeds and Pinterest boards, showing no signs of letting up. The most recent addition to the gastronomical world happens to be my favorite — rainbow mac and cheese. This surprisingly easy to make dish looks incredible on the table and tastes just as good in your mouth. Thanks to Nerdist and their video series entitled Put This In Your Mouth, Mac 'n Cheese never looked so picturesque and multicolored.

In case you haven't been clued into the rainbow movement, I can catch you up. It all really started with the incredibly eye-catching NYC treat in the form of rainbow colored bagels. Sure, there have been cakes and sweets that were colorful and special, but never a dish served at the start of the day. The bagels caused massive in-store lines and even landed themselves in a Broad City interview on Late Night With Stephen Colbert. Their popularity and innovativeness inspired off shoots. Soon, rainbow doughnuts were trending, as were rainbow sushi. It seems like rainbow foods are here to stay for the next few years, until a new trend overtakes them. Maybe monochromatic plastic looking chips? Or how about turquoise squash? All valid options for food lovers like me out there.

The rainbow colored mac and cheese looks heavenly. I don't know about the taste but I am more than willing to be the tester for anyone making the next batch. It's not an overly complicated recipe — you need mac and cheese in a box, some food coloring, and a baking dish. The plating and attitude is what sells it.

While the video shows the cooks only making a few of the colors, you have total freedom to go all out and include the entire color spectrum. You will need a few more varieties of color and smaller batches of mac and cheese, but it will be worth it in the end. Also, as the video points out, the best food coloring is the liquid ones you can get in store. Any powders or other types of dyes do not turn out the same color pay-off.

After searching the internet, I found a great and hilarious video of Galaxy Noodles that basically demonstrate the beauty of rainbow noodles.

Obviously if you are looking for more rainbow colored foods to explore, nothing can beat one of the originals. Rainbow cake. I wish someone made me one for my birthday because all I want to do is sink my teeth into the creamy colorful goodness within.

I mean honestly...can you even beat this? I sure can't. If you want to sink your teeth into the delicious treat there are hundreds of easy to follow recipes online you can check out!

Images: Nerdist/Facebook