Olivia Pope might have a baby, too

Gladiators unite! Scandal returns for the final episodes of Season 3 on Thursday, February 27th, when we will finally learn the fates of Olivia, Huck, Quinn, Mellie, Fitz, and the rest of the Scandal crew after an explosive mid-season finale. Before I get into it, here is a considerate *SPOILER ALERT* for anyone who has yet to see episode 10.

So, Liv's mom is a terrorist, Quinn is getting hot and heavy with Charlie, Fitz is running for reelection, Jake is the new head of B613, Rowan is understandably enraged, the Vice President brutally killed her newly-outed gay husband, and Cyrus strategically hid the entire escapade—all without Olivia's help. Pretty impressive, if we may say, except for the fact that the religious crusader is heading straight to hell for dismembering her husband with a letter opener. Not exactly saintly behavior.

While we have %.001 percent knowledge of what will actually take place for the rest of season three, considering the teaser trailers are as cryptic as humanly possible, we do have a couple of ideas of what the writers could have in store come Thursday night.

1. Olivia Pope gets pregnant—and doesn't know who the father is.

Since Olivia Pope has been getting nakey with both Fitz and Jake as of late and since Kerry Washington has been pregnant in real life, we think Olivia might find herself in a bit of a sticky situation when Aunt Flo never comes to town and she doesn't know who Daddy is.

2. Quinn turns on the Gladiators for good—and tries to kill Huck.

Quinn is most likely fuming after Huck removed several of her teeth and creepily licked her face for sick fun in the process. After running back to Charlie, we think Quinn is going to seek the ultimate revenge on Huck by attempting to kill him. She might even be successful, considering she's being trained by the same killers that trained Huck. Watch your back, Huck.

3. Olivia Pope's mom tries to take down the White House—and Olivia is forced to save the president.

The last we saw of Mamma Pope, she was hanging out by the White House and no one knew where she was after landing her own getaway plane and killing the pilots. Considering her terrorist background, we think she's after the White House—more specifically, Mr. President. Imagine if Olivia has to break into the White House to save the love of her life and face her mother in the process? Scanddaallouuusss.

4. Mellie has a sex scandal of her own—and leaves Fitz for good.

Mellie has been silently ignoring her husband's philandering for three seasons. It's time she got a little something-something for herself. With actor Jon Tenney confirmed to join the show as a hunky new male character, we deduct that his purpose is probably to generate some heat with the First Lady. Once the two begin their regular romps, Fitz will find out and Mellie will find the courage to leave him and finally begin her own political career.