How To Get Sand Out Of Your Hair

So you went to the beach, had a great time in the surf, sun, and sand, but now the latter is literally everywhere, stuck to your body like summer's glitter. It will not come off and worse, it's caked onto your scalp. Here's how to get sand out of your hair quickly so you can enjoy your beachy waves.

A gritty scalp and gross, stringy strands is definitely the worst. If you find your hair a hot mess after your beach vacation, have no fear: You likely have everything you need to get rid of sandy hair already in your bathroom cabinet.

The first thing you should do get your hair dry, whether that's letting it dry all the way while you're still at the beach or blow drying it at home. Wet hair will trap the sand, but it's a lot easier to shake out dry sand from dry hair. When it's all dry, simply shake it out! You can flip your hair over to shake with your hands, while simultaneously blow drying your scalp to knock out the excess sand.

If your scalp is still gritty, reach for the baby powder. Baby powder can help loosen the sand from your strands, so apply it to your scalp and shake throughly. Repeat as many times as you need to!

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As a last resort, some even suggest vacuuming your hair. Put your hair up in two secure buns, and very carefully use the small nozzle of your vacuum to suck the sand out. This may be best accomplished with the help of a friend.

Of course, you want to wash, rinse, and repeat plenty of times until all the sand is out. Consider a hardworking clarifying shampoo to really cleanse your scalp as much as possible.

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If that all fails, I would suggest heading to your nearest blow dry bar or salon for a professional wash. Your stylist will be able to see your scalp a lot better than you can, so they can really see where that sand is stuck and scrub it all down the drain.

Image: Jovana Rikalo/Stocksy