The Lenny x Fab Totes Are The Cutest Carryalls

You can never, ever have too many tote bags, especially if you are an urban dweller or a commuter or if you are environmentally conscious and nix plastic bags or if you just have a lot of stuff to carry around. Lena Dunham's Lenny and Fab collaborated on tote bags and OMG! They are the cutest, graphic print carryalls. The line also features tees and mugs with cool designs. But they go beyond "cool." The artwork is feminist and pro-female and that's always awesome. When can you buy the Lenny x Fab collabo, whose mantra is pretty much "Dismantling the patriarchy one tote at a time."

Well, the pieces are available right now at the Fab site. You can shop them through the end of June, meaning they are limited edition. Don't delay in scooping up these pieces. They will add such kick and pop to any outfit. Plus, you can display your sense of humor and stances with an accessory.

As Dunham noted in her Instagram caption, the totes are totally recommended for hauling ass to a BBQ and more. Want! Need! Love!

As noted, the graphics have a deeper meaning other than "Ooh, that looks cute!" Laia Garcia, deputy editor of Dunham and Jenni Konner's Lenny newsletter, selected illustrations by eight emerging artists that were initially featured in Lenny articles about topics ranging from mental illness to political sex scandals.

Observe these message-driven totes.

Super Crazy Tote, $32, Lenny x Fab

This carryall was inspired by a Lenny piece on stigmas that accompany mental illness. As the product description notes, this image (and bag) "goes to show that art can tackle serious issues and still be hella fun." Amen to that.

Riot Grrl Tote, $32, Lenny x Too Fab

This bag was designed by artist Sally Nixon, whose work often places women in ordinary situations and contexts.

Essentially, with this collabo, the Lenny team selected favorite illustrations from the newsletter for a series of Fab-exclusive items.

There are mugs and other things, so happy shopping. Grab your fave pieces while you still can.

Obvs, a bag isn't just a bag with Dunham, Konner, Lenny, and Fab! Their bags carry weight and I am certainly not talking about the stuff inside.

Images: Courtesy of Lenny x Too Fab (3)