How To DIY A Natural Dry Shampoo For Festivals

by Emma Matthews

As far as must-have beauty products go, homemade dry shampoo is right at the top of my list. And while this applies to my routine year-round, it's especially relevant in the midst of summer festival season. Mari Santos of, recently wrote an incredible tutorial about how to make the product at home, so I decided to give it a go and take the shampoo with me to this season's most popular music events.

It’s no secret that festival sites aren’t the cleanest of places. From trekking through muddy fields to the horrific campsite toilets, they sure don’t meet your Mom’s standards of hygiene. Only a lucky few will have access to a hose for a makeshift shower. If you’re like me and can’t stand the thought of not washing your hair for an entire weekend, dry shampoo can be a saving grace.

It’s a key staple for lazy beauty buffs. It just takes is a little squirt and your hair is good to go. You can spend less time primping and more time snoozing off last night’s hangover. Though the drug store buy might work wonders on freshening up hair, it's not the only solution to greasy strands. If you're interested in a more natural route, there are easy ways to whip up a DIY dry shampoo at home!

I personally only use this recipe exclusively. It's cheap, effective and is one of those throw it all together DIYs that even the most clueless of us can do. Not to mention, you'll probably have all the ingredients you need tucked away in your kitchen cabinets. Here's how you make it and stay looking and feeling clean while dancing to all your favorite bands this season.

What You'll Need

To make natural dry shampoo you'll need the following:

  • Corn Starch
  • Baking Soda
  • Coca Powder (For Brunettes)
  • Cinnamon (For Redheads)
  • Empty Bottle
  • Cone Funnel
  • Spoon
  • Make Up Brush

1. Make A Funnel

Start the DIY by placing a cone funnel into your empty bottle. This will make the process of pouring and mixing the dry ingredients together a little easier. If you don't have a pre-bought funnel lying around the house, you can easily make one with paper.

As you can see in the GIFs, I simply rolled up a sheet of paper. I then placed the smaller end of the cone into my empty bottle and cut it down to size.

2. Spoon In Baking Soda

Next, add a spoonful of baking soda to the bottle. Along with making your teeth whiter and pores appear smaller, baking soda is also great at absorbing oil in your roots.

3. Add Corn Starch

The second key ingredient that's going to help the mixture tackle grease and grime is corn starch. Scoop a spoonful into the bottle. You don't need to mess about with scales or measuring cups, just make sure you add about the same amount as the baking soda. Told you guys it was easy!

4. Pour In Cocoa Powder Or Cinnamon

Unless you're cool enough to pull off the gray colored hair trend this summer, the chances are you're not going to want any of that white residue. It's now time to add a spoonful of coloring to the bottle.

As I'm brunette, I opted for cocoa powder. If you're a redhead try cinnamon powder and if you're blonde, you can skip this step.

5. Shake Everything Together

Now, shake everything together. Simultaneously belting along to Taylor Swift is preferred but optional.

6. Brush On Scalp

After, you've shaken your ingredients together, you can then use a clean make up brush to apply the dry shampoo. I found it was easiest to use an old blush brush I had lying around the house as it had a bigger surface to work with, but feel free to use whatever you prefer.

Just like normal dry shampoo, it's important you brush the formula in well to avoid patchiness. After running the brush across your scalp, I'd also suggest tousling your hair and using your fingers to work the mixture in even further.

Once you're done you'll be left with fresh, clean-looking hair that not only feels great but looks great. No one will be able to tell that you haven't been able to shower for a few days and, best of all, you're using a formula that won't damage your scalp and clog your hair up with unnecessary chemicals.

Oh and let's not forget about the extra plus point: Your hair now smells divine. Yum!

Images: Emma Matthews