What Is The Miss USA Crown Worth?

While it's hard to appreciate the intricacies of the Miss USA crown on TV, this prestigious symbol is truly a work of art. So, what is the Miss USA crown worth?

According to Jackie Shahinian, a Miss USA representative, this year's crown was designed to pay tribute the United States flag and freedom for all and the different jewels in the crown signify different colors from the flag. The 2016 crown is made of 33 diamonds, 30 Czech crystals, 222 white sapphires, 340 blue sapphires, 112 rubies, and a white gold base, giving it a total weight of 372.56g! The estimated value is around $200,000.

Last year's crown was made up of 33 colorless Bohemian crystals, five large blue topaz stones, 311 small, polished diamonds, and an 18-karat white gold strip, giving the crown a total weight of 411 grams. And aside from the high quality stones used to create the design, an estimated 3,000 hours of labor was required to put it together! Designed to symbolize beauty, confidence, stability and power of women around the world, it's only fitting that this headdress would be of the upmost quality.

According to the pageant's website, last year's crown was worth $300,000 dollars. So, to give you an idea of its value, depending where you live, you might be able to exchange it for a small house or a condo! Crazy, right?

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2015 marked the beginning of a decade-long relationship with D.I.C., the company that created the crown, meaning that they will be working with both Miss USA and Miss Teen USA to design their crowns for the next nine years to come.

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Makes you appreciate the pageant even more, right? Don't forget to tune into the 2016 Miss USA pageant this Sunday on FOX at 7pm EST.