Getting to Know 'Doctor Who's Latest, Danny Pink

So! There's going to be a new face aboard the TARDIS, and we don't mean twelfth incarnation of the Doctor on Doctor Who, Peter Capaldi — we mean a new companion joining the ranks of Impossible Girl Clara Oswald. Rumor has it that Samuel Anderson is joining Doctor Who . Being the good Whovian that you are, you surely and with the quickness hopped on over to IMDB to suss out who exactly this Samuel Anderson character really is, only to find out there's not much information on him. Nary a photo, even! How, then, are us silly Americans supposed to figure out what sort of actor Anderson has been before he joined Team TARDIS as Danny Pink?

The news was announced Monday morning via the BBC and its American counterpart, BBC America. On the announcement of the role, Anderson was quoted as saying "I was so excited to join Doctor Who I wanted to jump and click my heels, but I was scared I might not come down before filming started! It's a quintessential part of British culture and I can't believe I'm part of it. It's an honor to be able to work alongside Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman and I can't wait to show people how my character becomes involved with such a fantastic duo!”

Well, there's lots to know about Anderson's Danny Pink, because his character is such a mystery. But, once again, the Doctor is traveling with two teachers — two from Coal Hill School no less: the same place that original companions Ian Chesterton and Barbara Wright came from? (For non-Classic Whovians: Ian and Barbara both traveled with the Doctor in his first life of his first regeneration cycle. Now in his first life of his second regeneration cycle, the Doctor’s traveling with two Coal Hill teachers AGAIN. Mighty interesting "coincidence" eh?

We're not going to speculate on what — if any — mystery will be attached to Pink's existence, but we will look at who the actor behind the role is so that we're all ready to crush on, and obsess over, the latest human (as far as we know, of course) to tackle timey-wimey travels.

He's Already Familiar with Fandoms

For fans of The History Boys, Anderson's face is hardly a new one. He played the always even-keeled Crowther in the film and Broadway adaptations of the cult hit.

He's Done a Hilariously Awkward Commercial

For meat pies! Is there anything more British than that?

He's Got History with Jenna Coleman

The duo spent some time on the miniseries Emmerdale:

He's Got an Adorable Sense of Humor

Just look at his most recent Instagram:

So, basically: Danny Pink is likely to be your new favorite person in the Whoniverse. Get excited, nerds!

Images: Fox Searchlight; ITV