Alison Betrays Sarah On 'Orphan Black,' But There's More To This Story Than Meets The Eye

Gemma's birthday party was rudely interrupted on last week's episode of Orphan Black Season 4 when the police arrived to arrest Donnie for drug trafficking. But what seemed like merely an unfortunate turn of events for the Hendrixes turned out to be part of a much larger conspiracy when it was revealed that his arrest had been arranged by Evie Cho in order to get at his wife, Alison — and by proxy, the rest of the self-aware Clone Club. As a result, Alison Hendrix betrayed Sarah Manning in a shocking move… but, this being Orphan Black, of course not everything was exactly as it seemed.

This betrayal came about after Donnie was made aware that Neolution was keeping an eye on him in the slammer — literally — thanks to a creepy stalker with an eye tattooed on the back of his hand. Detective Duko informed Alison that if she wanted to get her husband out of prison, she needed to give up Sarah's location. After the dissolution of Project Leda, Evie Cho is allowing the "naïve" clones to go about their lives, but the "self-aware" clones will have to be dealt with… starting with Sarah, who has been deemed the biggest threat to Neolution.

The Clone Club knew about Alison's collusion with Duko thanks to Mrs. S., who had followed the corrupt cop intending to kill him — only to witness his meeting with Alison instead; so they sent Felix to spy on her. Fed up with Alison, who was having a crisis of faith regarding her husband's wellbeing versus that of her sestras, Duko upped the threat against Donnie from prison time to literal death, telling the indecisive clone that if she didn't betray Sarah, his goon on the inside would kill her husband.

That appeared to be the final straw for Alison, who told Duko exactly where and when to find Sarah. So he shows up at the comic book store, threatens the dorky shopkeeper… and is immediately captured by Sarah, Mrs. S., and Art because of course Sarah would never actually betray her sestras and this was all a trap to apprehend Kendall Malone's killer. Mrs. S. made Duko call off his Neolution goon in the prison, ensuring Donnie's safety — and then shot him as vengeance for her mother's murder.

This just proved once again that the clones work best when they're working together, and that they'll eventually triumph over Neolution because they have something Evie Cho and her cronies don't: love and loyalty to one another.

Images: John Medland/BBC America (3)