Which Hogwarts House Is Bonnie Wright In?

All of this week, Pottermore are revealing the Hogwarts houses of Harry Potter cast members. We already discovered that Rupert Grint is a Hufflepuff, but next up we've got Bonnie Wright under the Sorting Hat. Bonnie's on-screen counterpart, Ginny Weasley, was a Gryffindor through-and-through — but what would the Sorting Hat make of Bonnie herself?

Although a lot of people felt that the character of movie-Ginny wasn't as good as book-Ginny, you can't deny that Bonnie Wright was a great casting choice. Not only does she look just like a Weasley, she's also got a very similar personality (minus the magic). Bonnie revealed to Pottermore that she was always a tomboy growing up, and "loved the idea that you don't have to be girlie to be a girl." Playing Ginny, who she describes as a "warrior," therefore came pretty naturally to the talented redhead. So surely she's got to be in the same house?

Bonnie's confessed in the past that she quite likes Hufflepuff, but when it came down to it, she didn't doubt her Gryffindor-ness for a second. "It could only be Gryffindor," she declared proudly, calling herself a "strong, devout Weasley." And of course, she was right. Bonnie Wright has well and truly earned her Gryffindor colors.

In her interview with Pottermore, Bonnie also made us insanely jealous by describing the amazing detail on the Harry Potter sets. Even The Daily Prophet was filled with real articles for the actors to read, even though that much detail would never have been seen on screen. Oh, to have been an extra at Hogwarts!

Image: Pottermore/YouTube