7 Ways To Celebrate Global Running Day

If social media has taught us anything, it’s that every day is a holiday — and that every day of observance, from National Cat Day to National Wine Day, is one worth celebrating. That’s why it’s no exception that people are getting hyped up about finding ways to celebrate Global Running Day, which falls on the first Wednesday of June in 2016. While the core mission behind the holiday is to make fitness fun and inspire kids to embrace running as a healthy outlet, Global Running Day is also a day for everyone around the world to celebrate the joys of running. For those of you who think of running as physical torture, or who believe that a jog on the treadmill is about as exciting as watching paint dry, no, I’m not being sarcastic: running really can be fun.

According to the fourth annual Brooks Global Run Happy report, running rejuvenates creativity and improves your mood. In fact, 97 percent of runners surveyed reported that running makes their day better. Combine those statistics with the fact that running provides a crazy amount of health benefits, and I’m pretty convinced that everyone should be celebrating by running today. Here are seven ways to celebrate Global Running Day — even if you hate running!

1. Take The Pledge To Run

This one is simple: visit the official Global Running Day website, and join the movement by making the pledge to run. You don’t need to go far — commit to a solo lap around the block, or run as far as your heart desires!

2. Sign Up For A Local 5K

Maddie Meyer/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

If you really want to start running regularly but lack the motivation, signing up for a local 5K is a great way to jumpstart your running journey. Check out for a variety of organized races near you. It’s much easier to find the inspiration to run when a finish line is marked on your calendar. Looking for a destination race? The Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series is having its biggest race registration sale of the year — but discounts only apply on June 1 until midnight PT.

3. Treat Yourself To New Running Gear

If you’ve been dying to buy yourself a cute new pair of running spandex or those sneakers you’ve been coveting for months, today is the day to stock up on gear. Running and activewear apparel websites like Born 2 Run, Brooks, and New Balance are hosting deals and discounts in honor of the holiday. Check out a larger list of freebies here.

4. Go For A Lunch Run

Runner’s World is convincing office workers everywhere to ditch their desks and go on a run during their lunch break — or a RUNch, as they’re calling it. They’ve even taken the liberty of making printable signs for your desk or office door that let others know where you are. Don’t have your running clothes at work? A brisk walk will do!

5. Donate To A Running-Related Cause

Organizations like Back On My Feet and Girls on the Run demonstrate the powerful ability running can have on improving lives. Back On My Feet’s mission is to end homelessness through running, while Girls on the Run inspires young girls to be joyful, healthy, and confident through an experience-based curriculum that integrates running. Show your support for the running community by donating to one of these organizations today.

6. Toast With Beer Brewed By A Runner

Running and beer go together like Kim Kardashian and selfies, so it only makes sense to celebrate with a cold one brewed by a fellow runner. Beers like Sufferfest Beer Company’s Epic Pilsner and Taper IPA are crafted specifically for runners and other fitness-minded people who care about what they’re putting in their bodies. Other running-themed microbrews like River Runners Pale Ale, Ghost Runners 5K IPA, and Ninkasi Beer Run IPA also give a nod to the sport, apparent in their names and contents. Cheers!

7. Organize Your Own Group Run

"Want 2 run 2nite?" Get that group text started and invite your buddies for a casual, social run post-work that can end at a restaurant, a pub, or a local park. Not only will you get those endorphins flowing, but you’ll have a chance to catch up with friends and give happy hour a whole new meaning.

Images: Getty Images; Andrew Zaeh/Bustle, Runner's World; Sufferfest Brewing Company; Pexels; Pexels