10 Father's Day Messages For Your Card

The selection of Father's Day cards is usually a little dire, especially if you have a dad who's not interested in power tools, grilling, or beer. And that's why the most important part should be finding Father's Day messages that you can write inside of a card, since you can truly personalize the card to make it about your dad. Even if you don't have a way with words, your card should really let your dad know that you think he's top notch.

Here's the thing about proud fathers — they usually display your card on the mantel for a few months after the day is over. It sounds strange, but that simple card can very well be something he looks at if he's feeling a little down, or if he simply wants to boast about how great his kid is when guests come over. Everyone appreciates a good card. It's a simple gesture, and especially if you no longer live with your parents anymore, it's a great way to remind him that you're thinking of him on his big day. (Just make sure the card doesn't arrive late. You don't want your dad to feel like an afterthought.)

Here are a few solid sentences to help get you started, if you're having a major bout of writer's block.

1. "Thanks for spending so many years raising me."

It might sound a little lame, but it's true. Even if you were an unplanned miracle, your dad likely put his individual wants and needs aside for you. That kind of attention helped you grow, and shaped your personality a bit. While you had no choice in the matter, it's still good for your father to know that you really did appreciate the fact that movie nights and exotic vacations were put on the back burner, in favor of diapers and college savings.

2. "I learn more from you each and every year."

Dads love to be mentors. It's a job title they earn the second you're born, and even when you reach your adult years, they still like to offer some quality life advice every now and then. Even if you don't need his words of wisdom, he'll be happy to know that he's still being listened to.

3. "I got lucky having you as a dad."

This is sad to admit, but some dads aren't totally cut out for the job. Unfortunately, we can't choose our blood relatives. If your dad really did his best, he deserves the recognition. Being a father is hard work, and in your case, his hard work really did pay off.

4. "Spend today doing something you've always wanted to do."

It's his day, and it'd be great if he challenged himself by doing something he's always envisioned doing, but never had the time. He's an adult and doesn't need permission, but a little encouragement always helps.

5. "Thanks for being the first guy in my life."

If your dad is naturally a kind soul, he helped you realize how men should treat women, and other men. He pretty much set an example for many of your social interactions, and you probably didn't even realize it at the time. Nothing can kick him out of the title of being the first guy who ever made you feel special.

6. "Thanks for being in all of my favorite memories."

When we're younger, memories start being made. And you likely have a bunch of funny and amazing memories with your dad by your side. Whether it was family fun at the beach for summer vacation, or simply having him give you a hug and tell you how proud you make him during a graduation, he was always there. There's a reason why the image of a father walking his daughter down the aisle makes everyone tear up. It's symbolic, and yet another memory that'll always be ingrained in your mind.

7. "As time goes on, our relationship only gets stronger and stronger."

If you and your dad have more of a jokey relationship (and you're no longer in fear of getting grounded for disobeying parental rules), this is a great message to write in a card. It'll make him feel important, and realize that his child now sees him as both a father, and a good friend.

8. "You've influenced me so much throughout the years."

If you have a strong sense of right and wrong, you can thank your parents for that. A lot of your values and natural responses are related to the way your parents helped you learn about the world. If you think you turned out to be a pretty good egg, that's a sign of successful parenting.

9. "You're not just my father, but one of my closest friends."

Of course, this'll only make sense if it's true. If you realize that you and your dad have a lot of inside jokes, it's totally appropriate. If you feel like you can go to him for anything without judgment (or maybe just a tiny bit of judgment, since he's still Dad and always wants you to be happy and safe), he's one of your close compadres. Good friends are hard to find, but with Dad, you know he always has your back.

10. "You'll always have my love and support."

You may have been thinking this for a while, but have you ever written it down? He's probably said it to you a few times, so it's always good to remind him that the feeling is mutual.

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