The One Brilliant Kimoji That Everyone Needs

It's safe to say that with every update, Kim Kardashian's Kimojis just keep getting better and better. (Take, for example, the wide variety of Kanye and North West faces we can now send everyone in our lives. So necessary.) And now, with the new update unveiled on Monday night, Kim Kardashian (Queen of the Internet) has #blessed us with a new Kimoji so good you'll wonder how you ever survived those group chats without it. Ladies and gentleman, may Kim Kardashian West present to you: The elusive "booty call" Kimoji, complete with an iPhone — dialing "Bae," of course — resting oh so cozily in between two voluptuous butt cheeks. It is truly a sight to behold.

Now, this emoji is pretty obviously interpreted as the ~booty call~ (doesn't get more literal than a butt calling up "Bae"), but it could also be seen as a representation of the accidental butt dial. I mean, maybe I'm just vividly remembering the time that my mom repeatedly (and accidentally) texted me multiple variations of the letter "p" ("p," "ppp," "pppppppp") when she was in Europe, but this butt dial Kimoji could seriously come in handy when you accidentally text some nonsensical things to people you probably didn't mean to send those things to.

Especially when it can be taken as both a booty call and a butt dial all in one, like that 3 AM drunken text you sent to your ex-boyfriend but immediately regretted the next morning. It may have started off as a booty call, but it certainly ended as a butt dial. Don't worry, Kim Kardashian — and her possibly ambiguous, interpreted-in-multiple-ways line of emojis — has got you covered. Good thing there's a Kimoji for that.

Image: Kimoji