Clinton Is Maybe Stepping Up Her Twitter Game

It has not been a good week for Trump University. Granted, that probably doesn't mean anything, since bad press seems to just bounce off the impenetrable force field of the university's namesake, soon-to-be-official GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump. Still, the university is facing a new deluge of negative attention due to the hundreds of pages of once-sealed court documents made public Tuesday, detailing the all-shine-no-substance inner workings of Trump U.

Former employee Ronald Schnackenberg called Trump University a "fraudulent scheme" in testimony he submitted (the school is currently facing two lawsuits). The article also noted that court documents revealed students were encouraged to max out multiple credit cards to enroll. Trump's campaign spokesperson Hope Hicks told The New York Times: "Trump University looks forward to using this evidence, along with much more, to win when the case is brought before a jury." It's no wonder that bagging on Trump University is as popular as it ever has been. But it is surprising who has jumped on the bandwagon. Namely, Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton.

Unfortunately for her, Clinton and social media do not always gel. And while she and her team tweet frequently, her attacks on Trump often sound canned, and as a result, aren't always as effective as they could be. I’ve written before that the only Democratic politician on Twitter who’s been able to effectively use Trump’s tactics against him on the social media is Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren. So it was interesting to see Clinton go on a relatively lengthy rant this morning about Trump and his university, echoing others who have called it a scam which preyed on the financially vulnerable.

Clinton wasn't done browbeating Trump just yet, either. After, pausing ever so briefly, she unleashed a new round tweets.

I’ve long been puzzled by the persistence of Clinton’s crappy social media persona. While it doesn't matter to me in the least whether she’s the sort of person who comes across as witty or “relatable” on Twitter, it does strike me as odd that, despite being surrounded by literal teams of people whose entire job it is to make her seem better at this stuff, she continues to exude an artificial, corporate, cringey tone. Her account tweets all the time about how awful Trump us, but they’re not usually this pointed.

Perhaps this is the beginning of a more aggressive Twitter persona for Clinton. Perhaps she is learning from Warren, who’s seen increased visibility in recent weeks from her biting anti-Trump tweets. And while it may seem admittedly trivial to pore over tweets, this may be proof that Clinton is preparing to get tough with Trump for the general election — and not just on Twitter.

Image: Bustle/Dawn Foster