Aubrey O'Day Admits Pauly D Is More Famous Than Her, But She's Not Worried About It

Sometimes dating a celebrity is difficult, especially when they are more famous than their significant other. The same can be said for one couple from E!'s Famously Single. While chatting with E! News about whether or not there are perks to dating someone famous, Aubrey O'Day admitted Pauly D is more famous than her. The former Danity Kane singer said her boyfriend, who everyone knows from Jersey Shore, is more "visually popular" than her. Even though that may be true and it a bit discouraging to O'Day, she doesn't let it get her down because she knows her value.

The 32-year-old singer said that when it comes to trying score last-minute restaurant reservations, Pauly has a better chance of getting them compared to her. All of this led to O'Day opening up about the struggles she's faced as a successful and famous woman in the dating world. It's no secret that there sometimes can be a struggle within a relationship when the woman is more successful than the man. It's unfortunate that some men aren't comfortable with a woman being in power or making more money than him, but it is very much a reality.

Actually, before dating Pauly, O'Day was seeing someone who didn't like her being more popular than him. "It did in my last relationship, because I was a bigger celebrity and the man couldn't handle that," she said about whether or not she's ever experienced tension within any of her relationships due to her fame. "Everything was a fight and it was always about dimming my light in order to make him feel more comfortable."

However, the same can't be said for her relationship with Pauly and mainly because he is more famous than her. "In this relationship, when the roles are reversed and the man is more famous, it tends to be easier," she said. As frustrating as that is, O'Day doesn't let it get her down or make it an issue. "I don't see that being as much of a problem, because the man needs to feel like the man and when you get a lot of attention and you're a bigger celebrity than the person you're with, the man, if they're not secure, doesn't feel as much of a man."

Clearly, O'Day embodies enough confidence and recognizes her worth to never let her success be diminished by someone who doesn't support her. As for the sad fact that some men don't feel masculine when women are more powerful than them? Well, O'Day surely realizes that's something she is going to encounter as a celebrity, but it's also something that she probably won't ever let get in the way of her passions.

As O'Day said about her relationship with Pauly, "We're celebrities for different reasons." It sure seems like they are happy and comfortable enough with each other, no matter their level of fame.