How To Watch Nick Jonas' New Docu-Series 'Last Year Was Complicated'

I don't know who told the littlest Jonas brother that now was the perfect time to capitalize on my interest in him by flooding the market with projects, but oh boy, was he right — I'm about to dedicate all my resources toward figuring out how to watch Nick Jonas' new docu-series Last Year Was Complicated . We have to put all our best people on this. The series comes in seven parts, and as you can see, it shares a name with Jonas' most recent album, Last Year Was Complicated , which will be released Jun. 10. That's because the series follows Jonas as he prepares for the release of said album, and gets ready for his upcoming Future Now Tour, giving fans what's being touted as a "raw, genuine, real" look at the artist fully immersed in his own process.

And hey, guess what! The first of those episodes is already out, having been released on Jun. 1, so you better get your butt in gear and watch it if you want to be as informed about Nick Jonas as I am. (Don't even try, it will never happen. He's been my obsession for over a year now, and my all-consuming interest doesn't show any signs of slowing down.)

So how do you watch Last Year Was Complicated, you ask? Well, the potentially bad news is, it's only on TIDAL. So if you don't have it, you're out of luck for the moment, because the docu-series is exclusive to that platform. But the good news is, TIDAL does offer a 30 day trial, and even if you already used yours on Lemonade (which was an excellent call, don't get me wrong), I'm betting there are a whole bunch of you still have a subscription, so make the best of it! Or if you're still on the fence, take a quick gander at the trailer below to see if baby boy is worth your time all on his own.

nickjonas on YouTube

Me personally, I'd recommend yes, but like I've been saying for this entire post, I'm incredibly biased, as I will continue to consume any and all media that Nick Jonas puts into the world.