When To Expect Facebook's New Female Emoji

A few weeks on the heels of Google proposing more emoji of professional women, Facebook has announced that it will have more diverse emoji for Facebook Messenger, including ones that depict women in professional settings. So when are the new Facebook Messenger women emoji available? Turns out we don't have to wait for those nearly as long as we're going to have to wait out the wage gap, y'all, because they're hitting the internet on June 2.

Facebook announced the release of the new emoji today, also promising more diversity with skin tones. The rollout will include an option to default the skin tone of their personal emoji, so that all of the emoji the user selects from then on will automatically be in the skin tone they've selected. In terms of the emoji expansion, not all of the emoji are rolling out at once. According to Facebook, tomorrow we can expect to see a female police officer, runner, pedestrian, surfer, and swimmer. While it's a far cry from depicting women in all the lacking emoji settings, it's a major step in the right direction, especially if the rollouts continue to expand the female emoji repertoire.

The other perk of this update is the standardization of the emoji across all platforms. Regardless of what kind of device you are using, be it a laptop or one of several options of smart phones, the emoji you choose will look like that exact emoji across the board. There won't be any more of the ~mysterious box~ when you type in an emoji that doesn't sync with someone else's phone, leaving your recipient utterly in the dark about your very important emoji narrative.

If it's June 2 or later and you're still not seeing the new emoji, make sure your app is fully updated. All you have to do is head to the App Store on your phone, hit Updates at the bottom, and tap Facebook to download the new version. Et voilà! Your emoji swag is unbeatable. If anybody needs me, I'll be swimming, running, surfing, pedestrianing, and police officering, because it's 2016 and WOMEN EMOJI CAN DO THAT NOW, Y'ALL.

Images: Pexels; Facebook