Why Ramsay Shouldn't Die On 'Game Of Thrones'

I don't think you'd be hard pressed to find a Game of Thrones fan who thinks Ramsay Bolton is the worst. Even actor Iwan Rheon fantasized about Ramsay getting killed by a dragon in an interview with WalesOnline. It's almost certainly an unpopular opinion, but I actually think Ramsay Bolton should not die on Game of Thrones — at least not yet. Yeah, that's right, I'm about to make the case for the fictional life of one of the scariest and grossest villains ever to ever grace our screens.

At this point in the series, we can kind of tell when characters are on track to meet their maker. Occasionally. Ramsay has been getting arrogant and a little bit careless. After winning so many battles and capturing so many Stark children, he's feeling good about his position as Warden of the North. This puts him in a vulnerable place. If someone were to strike, now is the time.

But, like, what if they didn't? Joffrey overstayed his welcome on Game of Thrones, so we owe that to Ramsay at least. What if there was a fate worse than death for Ramsay Bolton? After all of the torture that he inflicted upon Theon, Sansa, Osha, and R'hllor knows who else... I wouldn't mind if Ramsay got a taste of his own mutilation.

Ramsay is very concerned with being a Bolton and living up to his family name. However, let us not forget that he had to earn that name. He was born Ramsay Snow, just like Jon. If there was a way to strip Ramsay of his title and his Bolton identity, that would be particularly satisfying. Plus, with characters like Jon, the Mountain, and Benjen Stark finding ways to cheat death, the people of Westeros may need to figure out a better way to deal with their enemies.

Also, I'm an ordinary woman with feelings. Rheon as an actor is just as cute to look at as the guy who plays the other bastard of Winterfell, right? The fact that his character is stone cold evil doesn't change that. Is that terrible? I'm sorry, but I'd rather watch him do evil stuff than the High Sparrow any day. The Sparrow's method of gathering followers and taking power is more realistic and tangible, in my opinion, which makes me uncomfortable.

On the other hand, if Ramsay lives that probably means that more characters we love are going to die, either karmically or by his own hand. So if the show needs to sacrifice Ramsay, trust me, I get it and I appreciate it. But like, look at him!

Heroes need villains. Am I so wrong for wanting to keep this one around just a little bit longer? I think that Ramsay Bolton is the perfect common enemy for so many characters on this show. Don't get rid of him just yet. The moment will come, and I think we have to wait for it.

Hopefully, if and when it happens, the right person gets to kill Ramsay for the right reasons. Wouldn't it be so much worse if he died by accident, or by an unworthy character? You can blame me for whatever atrocity he commits next, I promise, but personally I'd like to see Ramsay's story play out on Game of Thrones.

Images: courtesy of HBO; Giphy; lady-alayne/Tumblr