34 Thoughts Every ‘Game Of Thrones’ Fan Has

Like most Game Of Thrones fans, you probably have a Sunday night ritual to accompany your screening. Maybe you have a viewing party? Maybe you silence your phone and close your laptop — no distractions? Maybe you look forward to the HBO Sunday night lineup because Game Of Thrones, Silicon Valley, and Veep create the modern must-see TV schedule? (Take that, Friends, Frasier, and ER.) And, you probably take this ritual very seriously, because you aren’t getting comfort or stability from the epic series. If a Game Of Thrones fan can count on anything, it’s unpredictability. With this level of suspense and viewership, there are certain things fans have come to expect from the cultural phenomenon, and there are several thoughts all fans have had while watching Game Of Thrones.

From suspense to satisfaction, Game Of Thrones has found the formula for captivating audiences without seeming repetitive or stale after almost six seasons. The show has stayed fresh, thrilling, and devastating after all of these years. Even with the weaving stories and revolving door of characters, there are some things that hold true week in and week out. Here are 34 things you’ve definitely thought about while watching Game of Thrones.

1. “Previously On” aka Spoilers

Thanks for reminding me about that character I haven’t seen in two years, I’ll be so surprised now when I see him later in the episode.

2. Longest. Intro. Ever.

It’s OK, I’ll just make up my own words.

3. Why Is This Show So Literally Dark?

I can’t even see anything. Who is that?

4. Cersei's Hair Is Growing Back Nicely

I wonder if she shaved her head in real life? I’ll Google it. Oh, I guess she didn’t.

5. Ramsay Bolton Is Sadistic

Is this even happening right now? Yes. Yes it is.

6. Hell Yeah, Khaleesi!

*Hears rallying speech in fictional language.* Khaleesi 2016!

7. Is It Weird To Think Cersei & Jamie Are Sort Of Cute?

Yeah, moment’s over. That’s messed up.

8. So, Jon Snow Is Not Ned Stark’s Son, Right?

I’m just not buying it. No one is buying it.

9. R+L=J Is Actually Obvious

A little too obvious. Are we being duped?

10. That Would Make The Stark Kids His …

They would be his cousins. Ned would be his uncle. Dany would be his aunt. And so on, and so forth.

11. R+L=D?

No, that’s a little too out there. Probably.

12. Who Is Tyrion’s Dad?

If Tyrion’s dad is Aerys, he would be Dany’s brother and potentially Jon Snow’s uncle?

13. Tyrion Do Something!

Remember when Tyrion had love interests and fought people?

14. This Is Intense. I’ll Just Google What Happens In The Book

Oh WAIT. We’re caught up to the books. No one is safe!

15. Hey, Boobs!

*Thoughts about feminism. But can't help but admire nice boobs.* Also, Dany's latest nude scene was hella empowering.

16. Hey, A D*ck!

You don’t usually see that on TV. Why don’t you see that on TV? *Thoughts about feminism.*

17. Sam's Girlfriend Looks Familiar

I’ll just look her up in IMDB. Oh yeah, Skins. Whoa, that show was on for a long time. Hello, Nicholas Hoult. He was the kid in About A Boy with Hugh Grant? And, now I’ve left IMDB and am somehow on Jennifer Lawrence’s Wikipedia page. How did I even get here? *Looks up* Oh yeah, what’s happening on this show?

18. Wow Bran Is Really Doing The Damn Thing

Finally, we’re learning the tru… Wait? That’s it for his visions this week?! No!!!

19. Dany Better Win This Thing

No one deserves it more than her.

20. Don’t Die. Please Don’t Die. Yeah, He’s Dead.

*Goes through the seven stages of grief, and now it’s Sunday again.*

21. Don’t Die. Please Don’t Die. He’s Not Really Dead, Right?

Remember those pre-resurrection days? We were so naïve back then.

22. Don’t Die. Please Don’t Die. Phew. That Was Close.

I will never feel safe when that character is on screen again.

23. Is Anyone Else 'Shipping Brienne & Tormund?

Now, I feel bad for 'shipping them because Brienne is an independent woman. But... it is sort of fun.

24. Wow Sansa’s Stepped Up Her Game

She’s kind of awesome these days. She really grew up.

25. Arya Is The Only Child Who Could Survive Alone Like This

I would have literally died after three days in the wilderness without hit clips and a Razr cellphone. *Cringes thinking about chunky blonde highlights and high heel flip flops.*

26. Ladies Are Doing It For Themselves

Seriously, Yara Greyjoy, Sansa, Arya, Brienne, Dany, and so on. Who run this motha?

27. Holy Crap, [Insert Name Here] Is Back!

I never thought I would see that character again because he/she was dead, or gone for two seasons, or captured, or missing, or other.

28. Twist! I knew it…

OK, I didn’t really know it. But, I kind of knew it.

29. Finally!

When two characters finally meet or when a sadistic jerk finally dies, these finally moments are so satisfying.

30. Are Jon & Dany Ever Going To Meet?

Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! Oh wait are they related? Oh my God are they going to kill each other? I’m not emotionally prepared for any of this.

31. Ew.

GoT can get very gross at time.

32. This Has Gone On For A Long Time

This sex scene or violent scene is now bordering on excessive, right?

33. I Wonder If We Will See Jon Snow Naked Again

20 minutes later … I’m sorry, what were you saying? I zoned out there for a minute …

34. GASP … End Of Episode

Wait, he opened his eyes? Hold the door? I’m getting on the Internet to see what people have to say about this.

See there are some Game Of Thrones staples we can count on. And, even if many of them amount to heartbreak — we're all in this together.

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