Did Taylor Swift Record Any Songs About Calvin Harris? The Duo Is Notoriously Private

Super sad news for people who were hoping to see Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris grow old together. According to a report from PEOPLE, Swift and Harris have allegedly broken up, thus ending the celebrity couple reign of Talvin. (Bustle has reached out to Swift and Harris' respective reps, but have not heard back at this time.) According to the report, the couple reportedly split after 15 months together — months that were peppered with tropical vacation photos, shout outs at award shows, and anniversary lockets. But, with their reported breakup so fresh in my mind (and Swift's tunes on repeat on my stereo), I have to wonder: has Swift recorded any music about Harris, her alleged ex-boyfriend?

Swift and Harris began dating on March 6, 2015, which we know from Swift's Snapchat post in which her and Harris enjoy an anniversary cake, Swift's album 1989 dropped in October of 2014, and the songstress spent the next few months working on music videos, promoting the album, and riding high on the success of her boldest album to date. In May of 2015, just two months after commencing her relationship with the "This Is What You Came For" DJ, Swift began her 1989 tour. She ended the tour in December of 2015, and then took that much-needed tropical vacation with Harris in March of 2016, where they proceeded to write their initials on the beach and achieve all of our #relationshipgoals:

Given Swift's crazy schedule over the last two years, though, it's hard to imagine her professionally recording any song about Harris. So far, the "Blank Space" singer hasn't spoken about getting back in the recording studio to lay down any tracks, let alone ones about her reported now-ex. However, she did state in an October 2015 interview with NME that she wanted to take a break from the more public part of her career for a little bit, stating:

People might need a break from me. I'm going to hang out with friends. Write new music. Maybe not write new music. I don't know.

If Swift is writing new music, it's quite possible that she has a song or five up her sleeve about Harris — but it doesn't seem like we'll be hearing a track or a love ballad about the DJ any time soon. It sounds like we'll have to wait for the next album for any Harris-inspired tunes, and if there's a song about the reported Talvin breakup, you know it's going to be devastating.