Taylor & Calvin Celebrate A Sweet Anniversary

After being known as the girl who dated guy after guy, Taylor Swift proved the haters wrong and reminded everybody that there's so much more to her than her love life. She previously shut down a tabloid who referred to her as Harry Styles' ex-girlfriend in a headline. She also played off the stereotype of having "a long list of ex-lovers" in her song "Blank Space." Although she's very much an independent woman, Swift seems to have met her match in none other than Calvin Harris. The two have what seems like a mutually supportive relationship and it's great to see the "22" singer so happy. Although it seems like just yesterday these two made their relationship official by swimming around on swan floaties, it's actually been a full year since they got together. On Sunday, Harris shared an anniversary Snapchat featuring Tay and it's the absolute sweetest — literally.

In the short clip, which fans have since shared on Twitter, you see a cake with hearts and "1 YEAR" written on it in frosting. Then, the camera pans to smiling Swift. Harris captioned the video, "1 year... that was easy." That's exactly how relationships should be: easy — and filled with cake.

Considering Swift has previously baked with Ina Garten (yup, the Barefoot Contessa herself!), I'm not the least bit surprised that this is how the couple celebrated a year of romance. What more could they want? Fans on Twitter were equally thrilled.

In case that wasn't enough, she also shared an Instagram of a gold locket, which most likely was a gift from Harris. It's absolutely gorgeous! Their anniversary, 3/6/2015, is engraved in it.

Congrats to this ridiculously cute couple! I'll always be shipping #Tayvin. And hey, if they want to share any of that cake with their fans, I'm not opposed to that idea at all.