Dorinda Medley Is Quite The Hostess

Dorinda Medley is really something, ain’t she? She’s so good and so generous to her friends on Real Housewives Of New York. Dorinda invited all of the girls (minus Sonja, which honestly was probably for the best) to her happy place — her home in the Berkshires — for some pre-Christmas, birthday-ish fun. She decorated all cute, she made her famous lasagna, and she brought everyone hostess gifts, and how do the RHONY ladies thank her? By screaming and yelling and crapping all over it. This is why we can’t have nice things, you guys.

It all started when Bethenny and Luann got into a blowout about Luann claiming she invented the Skinnygirl margarita, and that turned into Bethenny calling Luann a tramp. Then, Luann tried to be cool with Carole, who is still mad at Luann for calling her a pedophile (also, these women do not know how to spell the word pedophile, which I find disconcerting). Also, Luann just wanted to talk about how she was insulted by Bethenny while Jules was on the phone with her dying father. Ramona’s dog was pooping all over the house, Luann made fun of the cake that Dorinda’s mother made for her (that was seriously not cool), and I don’t know how Dorinda didn’t burn the house down with everyone inside it, Carrie-style.

I understand Bethenny’s reasoning for screaming at Luann, but it definitely wasn’t the time or the place. Dorinda worked so hard to make her home a welcoming place for her friends, and this infighting is basically like spitting in the face of all of her hard work. All of this fighting should have been held for a time when they weren’t staying at someone’s house. Take it to one of those cheap restaurants they’re always filming at, but don’t sully Dorinda’s hard hostess work.

Images: Matthew Eiseman/Bravo; Giphy