Miley Cyrus Has a Strong Opinion About 'Peter Pan'

As a giant international pop star it's guaranteed that a whole lot of false rumors get spread about Miley Cyrus. Remember when the Internet tried to convince us Miley Cyrus was pregnant with Juicy J's baby after she allegedly "cheated" on Liam Hemsworth? That's like four different rumors in one sentence. It's par for the course. Which is why it's hilarious that the most recent one Cyrus responded to — that one saying she was gonna star in NBC's live show of Peter Pan — is so relatively benign.

Cyrus posted a pic Monday of a segment of a magazine convinced Cyrus was determined to be Tinkerbell ("Twerker Bell" as the magazine calls her — egads), with a "friend" source riffing on Cyrus' desperation to be Carrie Underwood's Sound Of Music rating. Cyrus' response is the best, a nice, simple "I would rather choke on my own tongue."

We all know how much Cyrus loves that overactive tongue of hers, so let's take her at her word and assume she's not dying to spend her time as a supporting character in NBC's latest ploy to coerce the Broadway-loving populace into upping their ratings. She's already spending far too much time trying to coerce Katy Perry's tongue into her mouth.