12 Shoes For Fans Of Steve Madden Stretch Sandals

Do you remember the days when the Steve Madden stretchy sandals reigned supreme? They were quite the must-have, and as '90s redux grows ever larger, they're starting to come back in a big way — believe it or not, there are some pretty great 2016 shoes for fans of the iconic Steve Madden stretchy slides.

When you think about it, it's about time that the iconic shoe style came back into vogue in a major way — after all, there were so many reasons to love them, from their convenience and comfort, to their simplicity and bold appeal. In a nutshell, they were fun, and they matched everything — and now in 2016, they'll make for the perfect accoutrement for your retro tattoo choker.

If you're ride or die for the classic '90s look, you can purchase almost exact copies of the style (thanks to Steve Madden for re-releasing the look earlier this year) or you can go for a more updated take on the look, be it the form of platforms, chunky heels, or flats — whichever suits you best! Either way, fans of the Steve Madden stretch shoe, look no further — here are 12 chic throwback styles to take you into 2016.

1. Beebe Slide Sandal

Steven Beebe Slide Sandal, $69, Amazon

If you're a purist, you might have to check out these first — they're from STEVEN, a brand under the Steve Madden umbrella.

2. Slide & Seek Leather Flatform

T.U.K. Slide and Seek Leather Flatform, $63, Nasty Gal

This ultra-chunky creeper-soled shoe is another fun nod to the original.

3. Maddie Suede Mule

Jeffrey Campbell Maddie Suede Mule, $90, N asty Gal

They're not a dead ringer, but they've certainly got that unmistakable '90s charm.

4. DENVER Heeled Sandal

DENVER Heeled Sandals, $10, Topshop

Chunky wooden sandals are always fun for summer.

5. FIREBALL Leather Mule Sandals

FIREBALL Leather Mule Sandals, $18, A sos

These sleek minimalist numbers will add a fun spin to your look.

6. TALIA Wedge Sandal

Talia Wedge Sandal, $19, Asos

So gloriously '90s redux it almost hurts.

7. DUPE Heeled Sandal

Dupe Heeled Sandal, $48, Topshop

Cute with skinnies as pictured above, but also killer with sun dresses.

8. PACE Mule Sandal

Dolce Vita Pace, $100, Zappos

Here's a slightly less in-your-face interpretation of the Steve Madden look.

9. Andra Suede Sandal

Jeffrey Campbell Andra Suede Sandal, $150, Nasty Gal

The blocky heel and thick straps make these sandals quite the statement shoes.

10. Millie Flat Leather Slide Sandal

MICHAEL KORS Millie Flat Leather Slide Sandal, $95, Amazon

These ultra-modern slip-ons still somehow manage to evoke the early aughts.

11. Darcie Black Suede Tassel Mid Heel Sandals

Steve Madden Darcie Black Suede Tassel Mid Heel Sandals, $95, Amazon

Always say yes to tassels.

12. Dola Jeweled Leather Sandal

Jeffrey Campbell Dola Jeweled Leather Sandal, $90, Nasty Gal

And last but not least? Why not try out a bejeweled version of the look?

Images: Etsy; Courtesy of Brands (12)