You've Seen Those 'Popstar' Wolves Before

Game of Thrones is a television phenomenon, and because of its popularity, a number of the show's stars are crossing over into movies. Emilia Clarke headlines the new romance film Me Before You, Gwendoline Christie scored a role in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and the Stark direwolves feature in Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping . Wait, what? That's right, the wolves that show up in a memorable scene in The Lonely Island's new movie are the very same animals that roam the countryside of Westeros. And the comedians, who are big fans of the show, flipped out when they learned whom they were sharing the set with.

"We nerded out over that," Jorma Taccone told Bustle's Allie Funk. "The same wolf actors. Wactors," Andy Samberg added. "They make a lot per day but they’re worth it. But they were super scary also. The whole thing felt like the first act of a Jurassic Park movie, where you know something is about to go horribly wrong, and you’re just waiting for it." Game of Thrones uses a combination of CGI and actual animals for their wolf scenes, but the crew here are obviously talking about the real live wolves. So what role do these furry stars play in the film? Spoilers ahead!

In the wolves' big scene, Samberg's character, Conner4Real, is staging an elaborate Kanye West-style proposal to his girlfriend (Imogen Poots). Singer Seal is serenading the couple, while the leashed wolves languish in the background for ambience. Then, the wolves break free and begin attacking everyone in sight. That includes Seal, who successfully fights one off and reveals that it's not his first tangle with the beasts — they actually gave him his signature scars. Check out the clip below.

Clearly, the wolves are worth the heavy fees they command. Maybe for the next Lonely Island film they can score some of Game of Thrones' dragons. Those are real, too... right?

Images: Universal Pictures; Giphy