6 Ways To Celebrate National Doughnut Day

June 3 marks the annual celebration of the king of breakfast pastries, the sweetest of morning treats, the foremost of fried fritters. That's right, everybody, it is National Doughnut Day, and I have got you covered with the best ways to celebrate the occasion. Whether you prefer your doughnuts fried and glazed, baked like a cake, or filled with fruit preserves, you'll find out where to score free doughnuts and how to make them right at home.

Personally, I'm a cinnamon twist and cake doughnut kind of gal. My boyfriend is all about apple fritters, so we're basically a match made in doughnut heaven. Seriously though, is there any other kind of food that one would want to dip in coffee? I can't think of a single thing more festive to eat for breakfast than dessert dipped in a freshly brewed cup of coffee. And on National Doughnut Day, you have a perfectly good excuse, especially if you live or work close to one of the stores planning to give away doughnuts for free.

If you're still feeling patriotic so soon after Memorial Day, you'll be interested to learn that National Doughnut Day is equally as American. The food holiday was created by the Salvation Army to honor the “Doughnut Lassies,” the women who brought doughnuts to the American troops during World War I, and doughnut stores around the country will be accepting donations for the Salvation Army. The nonprofit will use the proceeds from Doughnut Day donations to benefit military servicemen and women and their families.

So here are some ways you can celebrate doughnuts and the people who fight to preserve our freedom to eat pastries for breakfast.

1. Score some free doughnuts

Doughnut retailers across the country including Krispy Kreme, Randy's, Entenmann's, and Dunkin' Donuts will be giving away free doughnuts at various points throughout the day. Check the links to learn more about participating locations, times, and whether or not a purchase is necessary.

2. Make these doughnuts at home

These baked doughnuts topped with strawberry granola are super simple to make right at home and will have your kitchen smelling like a gourmet bakery. Find the recipe at How Sweet It Is.

3. Make a donation to the Salvation Army

You don't even have to leave your house to participate this way. Entenmann's is running a promotion on Facebook in which fans can enter to win a free year of doughnuts. For each entry, Entenmann's will donate $1 to the Salvation Army up to $35,000. Krispy Kreme and Entenmann's will also be collecting donations in participating stores in the traditional red kettles. Or, just head over to the Salvation Army site and donate directly online.

4. Or you could make these doughnuts

Crazy about pumpkin spice and can't wait until fall to get your hands on the orange spicy goodness? These baked pumpkin doughnuts with hot cocoa glaze from Half Baked Harvest look like a dream come true, perfectly suited for National Doughnut Day.

5. Pick up some summery doughnut swag

If you're not really in the mood to eat doughnuts, you could spend the weekend floating around in one while staying cool in the pool. You can take a bite out of these over at Urban Outfitters.

6. These doughnut holes look pretty amazing too

These brown butter doughnut holes from Joy The Baker look totally amazing. They take a little patience and above average know-how as they require time for the yeast to rise and a swim in some hot oil, but once they're done, I bet they'd change your life for the better.

Images: Unsplash; Krispy Kreme/Facebook; How Sweet It Is; Pixabay; Half Baked Harvest; Urban Outfitters; Joy The Baker