If Drake Is Dating Hailey Baldwin That Could Explain His Past As An Alleged Jelena Shipper

Remember back in December 2015 when it appeared that Drake was a die-hard Jelena shipper and it was random and confusing and nothing made sense? At the time, I speculated that the rapper allegedly commented his woes on a Jelena throwback photo because he and the Biebs share that #CanadianPride and also he was there for one of the couple's earliest public moments. But guys: With rumors flying that Drake is now dating Hailey Baldwin, this puts his Justin Bieber/Selena Gomez shipping into mind-blowing context — what if Drake wanted Jelena to get back together so he could date Hailey Baldwin, the Biebs' occasional Instagram kissing partner?

I know, I know, this is how conspiracy theories start and tabloids make their money. But the whole concept could totally be legit. Hear me out: In December, Bieber posted a throwback photo of him and Gomez — an image peppered in between many other flirtatious shots of him and Baldwin (he and the model later confirmed that they make out and stuff, but they're not "an exclusive couple"). Eagle-eyed fans screenshot a comment on the Jelena pic that appeared to be from Drake's Instagram account: "Damn thought this was a Jelena current day flick," he allegedly wrote, including a sad face emoji (and one with the Canadian flag).

At the time, the whole thing seemed super random, and all that we were left with were guesses as to why Drake was all in his feelings about Jelena no longer being an item. Is it because he's just a sensitive guy? Is it because he has Bieber's back because they're both from Toronto? Is it because he once witnessed the couple being adorably awkward together and shipped them ever since? Or, as we now know, is it maybe because he had his eye on Hailey Baldwin all along, and if Bieber and Gomez were back together, this now means he has a chance with the model?

That's what I'd like to think, mostly because it feels like I just solved one of the greatest mysteries of our time, and partly because all the pieces just seem to fit. And until anyone in this "love [insert geometric shape of your choice here]" speaks out on any of the rumors, I'll just be here, in my Sherlock Holmes cloak draped over my shoulders and magnifying glass in hand, feeling like I just conquered the world.