Book Vending Machines Are Now A Thing

Readers can buy new titles on the go, thanks to three new book vending machines in Singapore. Owned and operated by BooksActually, a local indie bookstore founded in 2005, the book vending machines stock Singaporean literature, some of which is published by BooksActually's Math Paper Press.

The bookstore installed two of its book vending machines at the National Museum of Singapore and the Singapore Visitor Centre. Later this month, BooksActually plans to place a third machine at the Goodman Arts Centre.

Each of the new book vending machines stocks between 120 and 150 books. Prices in one machine ranged from S$10 to S$35, with the average price coming in at S$18.25 — about $13.40 in the U.S., according to Google Finance's exchange rate calculator. Channel News Asia reports that the vending machine at the Singapore Visitor Centre "also includes some DVDs, such as Tan Pin Pin’s award-winning documentary Singapore Gaga, and CDs by musical acts such as ASPIDISTRAFLY and Charlie Lim."

In addition to stocking local literature and music, the book vending machines in Singapore also feature designs from local artists. Alvin Mark Tan, Speak Cryptic, and Odelia Tang designed the wrap-around artwork for each of BooksActually's vending machines.

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Image: João Silas/Unsplash