Is Kanye's New Song On Tidal? — UPDATE

Update: On Monday, June 13, Kanye released "Champions" from Cruel Winter, as the song is officially titled, on iTunes, TIDAL, and Spotify, so if you missed the radio premiere of the G.O.O.D. Music collaboration, then you've got no reason not to listen to it now.

Earlier: Less than four full months after the release of The Life of Pablo, Kanye West just revealed the first single off of his next album Cruel Winter, because clearly the man is a music writing machine. West's "Round and Round" debuted on L.A.'s Big Boy radio station, but if you are looking to stream the song, don't expect "Round and Round" to be on Tidal anytime soon. While the subscription streaming service Tidal is still the premiere home to West's music, the song is not quite ready to be released.

During the interview portion of West's surprise single drop, he made it clear his latest song is a still a work in progress. In fact, the rapper revealed he is working on a cut of "Round and Round" that could be up to 15 minutes long. Seriously, West is nothing if not an overachiever. According to Fade, "Round and Round" is a collaboration with Travis Scott, Gucci Mane, Big Sean, Quavo, 2 Chainz, Desiigner, and Yo Gotti — so basically all of your favorite artists, and none of them is done tinkering with the song just yet. The current version of "Round and Round" is basically a teaser for the main event and a reminder from West that he is not taking any time off between albums.

While "Round and Round" has not joined The Life of Pablo on Tidal just yet, you can listen to the song here for now.

When "Round and Round" is complete, the song likely will debut on Tidal first, just like The Life of Pablo did. But don't expect the song to land on the site immediately unless West is feeling super generous. With the rapper, it is best to expect the unexpected — the man did keep the debut of "Round and Round" hush hush until the last possible second after all — but he also takes a major amount of pride in his work. This version of "Round and Round" is good, but West prefers perfection, and, honestly, whatever the song's final incarnation sounds like, it will no doubt be worth the wait.