What TV Shows Were Big In 1996?

It used to be that June would roll around and you’d have the whole summer ahead of you to slather yourself with sunscreen, toss your pink sparkly jellybeans on your toes and... watch a whole bunch of cartoons. Actually, you had to commit to television a lot more in the ‘90s, because you couldn’t just DVR a missed episode, or Netflix an entire series over a weekend. Summer time was the time to catch up with your faves, or maybe see what you missed in reruns while you were stuck learning about fractions.

But what was television like 20 years ago? Because no matter how super saturated we are with ‘90s nostalgia (and we are), 20 years ago most of us were like, literal children. I mean, you can croon about being a ‘90s kid all you want, but I wasn’t even in kindergarten this time two decades ago. My memories... are faded.

But let’s to try to flashback to a simpler time and remember what shows brightened our summers back in 1996. For your consideration (and to satiate that whole nostalgia thing) here are 12 classic shows you could easily catch on your TV set 20 years ago... but nowhere else. Maybe a VCR if you were lucky.

1. Boy Meets World

We were deep in the throws of Cory and Topanga's relationship back in the day — and now those crazy kids have kids of their own. How time flies.

2. The Adventures Of Pete and Pete

It definitely has the most '90s opening credits of all time, and it's truly some of Danny Tamborelli's best work.

3. Home Improvement

Three names, one Tiger Beat heartthrob: Jonathan Taylor Thomas.

4. The Magic School Bus

Truth be told you were probably buckled in with Miss Frizzle and classroom mainstays like Bill Nye until the early '00s (at least). Back then, though, you could actually catch the show on your leisure.

5. Power Rangers (Of Varying Kinds)

The Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers gave way to the Mighty Morphin' Alien Rangers which gave way to Power Rangers Zeo... the series was still warming up, clearly.

6. Rugrats

You know what, 1996 was a great year for Rugrats: it kicked off the series' six-year streak as Kids' Choice Award winners for favorite cartoon.

7. 3rd Rock From The Sun

The series had just kicked off, and a slew of young girls wisely decided to invest in the Joseph Gordon-Levitt stock way early.

8. Animaniacs

Hey, if you're looking to revive the zany antics of the Warner Bros. (and their Warner sister Dot) all you have to do is go to Netflix.

9. Dexter's Laboratory

Never forget the original boy genius (seriously, Jimmy Neutron can suck it).

10. The Simpsons

Technically The Simpsons is still on air (and will probably be on air until infinity) and technically the Season 7 finale wrapped up in May 1996, but said finale did leave us with the iconic image of Cool Beach-y Lisa.

11. All That

The training wheels for mega stars like Kenan Thompson.

12. Rocco's Modern Life

Actually, now that you're old enough to get all the jokes this one might be better to watch in 2016...

Get marathoning!

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