Facial Cleansing Steps You Shouldn't Be Skipping

When it comes to getting your skincare routine just right, it’s a work in progress. If you’re like me, you’re constantly reading and finding out new information. Wait, using the hot water from my shower could be drying my skin out? Yeah, that was news to me. Well, get ready to find out which unexpected steps to include in your face-washing routine to solve some major issues you have with your skin.

After getting the scoop from Tony Silla, the Head Aesthetician of Face Place, I learned that a good exfoliation before your face wash about twice a week can remove dead skin and allow you to reach the layer of skin underneath for an even better cleanse. He also recommends washing the neck and chest area as you’re washing your face. This is definitely something that I (and probably most of us) leave out of the face washing process. Giving these areas a gentle cleanse twice a day would probably be a great thing to start doing this summer! Because I mean, just think about all of that sweat! Yuck!

Adding these steps into your face washing routine will likely greatly improve your skin. If you’re constantly struggling with "chestne", then cleansing your chest area morning and night definitely couldn’t hurt. So, here’s how to get as clean as possible and really care for your skin, each and every time you wash your face.

1. Exfoliate

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Remove dead skin and clean the healthy tissue to get your face glowing by using a face scrub twice a week. Follow with a good face wash. Ahh, doesn't that get you feeling refreshed?

2. Double-Cleanse

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Especially if you're using a gentle cleansing milk, it's good to use one application to remove makeup and then another to actually clean the skin.

3. Use A Mitt

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Really taking the time to work a product in and then remove with a mitt is the recommended process. The more time you spend washing your face, the greater the results, according to Silla. "If you are using a cleansing milk, apply to either dry or damp skin, again massage in thoroughly for a minute (you can go longer with a cleansing milk for a really deep cleanse) and we recommend you remove with a mitt," he explains in an email.

4. Wash The Neck & Chest Area

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This advice is just genius, if you ask me. Washing the neck and chest area at the same time you wash your face will make sure those areas are getting the cleansing they deserve. Silla recommends that you "remember to keep moving the product in circular motion, cleansing right into the hair line and working on the jawline and neck (down into the décolletage) — these areas are often missed and become congested."

5. Follow With Toner

Herbivore Rose Hibiscus Coconut Water Hydrating Face Mist, $32, Sephora

And the final step you're likely unknowingly leaving out, is to follow a good washing with the application of toner. All you have to do is apply toner to a cotton swab and wipe it across your face to remove any last makeup as well as restore your skin's PH balance.

Voilà. The best face wash you've ever had is now complete! It's never too late to start cleansing correctly.

Don't you feel better already?

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