Ezria Won't Have An Easy Path In 'PLL' Season 7

With Pretty Little Liars jumping forward five years and showing the Liars settling into their adult lives, fans are more eager than ever to see which couples will be endgame. Unfortunately, their relationships are anything but simple. In Season 6B, many of the Liars struggled with feelings for their high school loves as they reconsidered new relationships, but only one gave into those feelings for her ex. Aria and Ezra hooked up in Pretty Little Liars Season 6B, but that doesn't mean they're officially an item again. After all, Aria did seem to have a pretty serious relationship with her coworker, Liam. And in an interview with Bustle, Lucy Hale reveals that in PLL Season 7, Aria and Ezra will have some complicated emotions.

"In Season 7, Aria's at a loss for what to do because she doesn't know if she should choose this relationship that has unfolded with Liam, or if she should go back to the first person who stole her heart," Hale says. "She eventually comes to a decision, and I've [personally] agreed with that decision." Though she doesn't reveal when exactly in Season 7 Aria will make this decision, I doubt anything will be settled in the season premiere, airing on Freeform on June 21 at 8 p.m. For now, the Liars are likely too busy trying to save Hanna to make decisions about their love lives.

But when the time to choose comes, if Aria does pick Ezra, it seems that Liam won't go down without a fight. "Liam is back in Season 7, [and] he's sort of unaware at the beginning of the true nature of Ezria," Hale says, adding that it's not until he finds out that Aria will have to make her decision.

Poor Liam. Sure, he may have a few things in common Ezra (Aria clearly has a type), but Aria and Ezra are pretty mythic, and therefore awfully hard to keep apart. Of course, even if Aria does choose Ezra, things can't be that simple — there's always a chance that Ezra's girlfriend, Nicole, will be rescued and return to Rosewood expecting Ezra to be waiting with open arms. Things are never simple with these Ezria and it seems that won't change in Pretty Little Liars Season 7.

Images: Eric McCandless/Freeform (2)