New Reports About Muhammad Ali Are Devastating

Devastating reports out of Phoenix today: According to NBC News, the legendary heavyweight champion, Muhammad Ali, is reportedly in “grave condition” after a long battle with a respiratory condition. The report comes one day after Ali was reported hospitalized. At the time, his spokesperson Bob Gunnell released a statement saying Ali was "being treated by his team of doctors and is in fair condition. A brief hospital stay is expected." However, according to these new reports, the heavyweight champion's family has allegedly gathered at his side in light of his reportedly worsened condition. (Bustle has reached out to Ali's representative for comment in response to these reports, but has not yet heard back.)

On Thursday, his daughter’s spokesperson said, according to NBC News, “Laila’s number one priority is her father’s well-being. She truly appreciates the outpouring of love for her family, as she spends quality time with her dad.”

This is devastating news for fans of the legend — for years, Ali has been battling an advanced case of Parkinson’s disease as well. He was also hospitalized in December 2014 for pneumonia, and then one month later in January 2015 for the same problem.

My thoughts are with Ali and his family during this difficult time.