11 Literary Characters You'd Love To Be BFFs With

by Julia Seales

If I had a nickel for every time someone said to me, "You know that fictional character isn't real, right?", I would use the riches to buy more books. Maybe my favorite book characters are "too real" to me (is that even a thing?), but what lit-lover hasn't felt a kinship with the characters on the pages of their favorite series? Sometimes, I want to be the characters — mostly because I want to go on their awesome adventures. But other times, I just really want these literary characters to be my BFFs.

I think a lot of book characters would fit well into my friend group. If you're a fellow book-lover, you know what I'm talking about: imagine being able to text characters from books to see if they wanted to hang out with everyone. Now imagine that they can text you back. And then, when you arrive at the hangout place... there are BOOK CHARACTERS THERE. Epic, right?

Sadly, since I can't actually bring book characters to life, I can only reread their stories again and again when I miss them. But if by some magic I could bring them to life to hang out with me.... here are some amazing characters who would make the best BFFs.

1. Anne Shirley From Anne Of Green Gables

She's spirited and hilarious and would probably get you drunk on accident. Anne Shirley is a stellar best friend, because you just KNOW she would always find something fun and adventurous for you to do when hanging out. Life would never be boring with this redhead as your BFF.

2. Elizabeth Bennet From Pride And Prejudice

Maybe you also want to BE Elizabeth a little bit, but you have to admit that she'd make an awesome BFF. First of all, she has an extremely witty sense of humor, so you know she would always make you laugh. Secondly, she's a great wing woman. If she senses that you have a crush and he seems to like you back, she'll never let any weirdness stop you two from being together.

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3. Fred And George Weasley From Harry Potter

These two would be the best friends someone could ask for. They might get you into a little ~too~ much trouble from time to time, but chances are they know how to get you out of trouble, as well. Fred and George are hilarious, adventurous, and always know how to cheer someone up when they're feeling down. Best friend material right here.

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4. Jo March From Little Women

Jo would write plays for the two of you to star in, and would always be fiercely loyal. She's so amazingly creative that you'd never run out of things to talk about if Jo were your best friend.

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5. Beatrice From Much Ado About Nothing

Imagine the kind of word play you could achieve if you hit the town with Beatrice. She's a master of banter, but she also protects those she loves (remember when she told Benedick to kill Claudio for what he did to Hero?? That's serious loyalty right there). Beatrice is the literary character you'd always want on your side.

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6. Park From Eleanor & Park

He'll let you borrow his comics, invite you over to dinner, and will (maybe begrudgingly) let you sit next to him on the bus when you have nowhere else to sit. Park would be a great BFF.

7. Aech From Ready Player One

Even though this BFF is a virtual one, that doesn't have to stand in the way of your friendship. Aech is loyal and will always help you on your quests — the perfect best friend.

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8. Boo Radley From To Kill A Mockingbird

Maybe Boo is a little scary, but in the end you realize that he just wants to help. Sometimes the best friends are the ones who are misunderstood by everyone else, and you just have to take some time to see how great they really are. This might be a weird BFF... but who doesn't have a couple unlikely friends now and again?

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9. Inigo Montoya From The Princess Bride

Once he's done with his vengeance plot, I imagine Inigo would make a pretty awesome BFF. He's obviously fiercely loyal, and he's got a lot of great skills (fencing, hunting people down, storming the castle...). You could have a lot of fun as Inigo's partner in adventure.

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10. Dickon From The Secret Garden

Literally every character in The Secret Garden is obsessed with Dickon. Even animals follow him around. He's so kind and enchanting and magnetic, that if he were real, you'd definitely become instant best friends.

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11. Samwise Gamgee From Lord Of The Rings

This guy sets the bar pretty high for BFFs.

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