15 Summery Pieces of Harry Potter Apparel

by Amy Sachs

Now that the summer heat is here to officially stay, it's time to break out your summer wardrobe. The light sweaters of spring are long gone; it's officially too hot for anything than tank tops and the occasional tee-shirt. I know what you're thinking. All the amazing, bookish clothing is for the winter. Hoodies, sweaters, even ugly Christmas sweaters: all for winter. Fear not, bookworms. I thought the same thing, and was pleasantly surprised to find out that there are plenty of bookish accessories and even Harry Potter clothing to get us through the summer months.

The Harry Potter stuff is especially important. I mean, there's no better time to re-read the series than the summer. You should be able to express yourself while you read! Bookish clothing is the perfect way to show your House pride, favorite quotes, or even your favorite book (all of them, HELLO). So, while you read through the series for the millionth time, experience it for the first time ever (there are so many jealous bookworms out there if that's the case!), or just want to show that you'll always love the series, here are 15 summery pieces of Harry Potter clothing that every book nerd needs this season.

1. Expecto Patronum Tank Top

White and cool with a gorgeous floral patronus?! We need this in our lives.

Expecto Patronum Tank Top, $16, Etsy

2. Dementor Tank Top

I know. I never thought a Dementor could be so pretty, either!

Patronus Tank Top, $12, Etsy

3. Broomstick T-shirt

This simple broom tee is everything you need to make your summer wardrobe magical.

Broomstick Tee, $15, Etsy

4. Harry Potter Tank Top

As minimalist as it gets, this is the perfect tank top for Harry Potter fans.

Harry Potter Tank Top, $16, Etsy

5. Hogwarts Castle Tank Top

Is there a better combination than Disney and Harry Potter? I didn't think so!

Hogwarts Tank Top, $12, Etsy

6. Squad Goals Tank Top

Harry, Dumbledore, and Luna: the original Squad Goals.

Squad Goals Tank Top, $21, Etsy

7. Hogwarts Express T-Shirt

Everything looks better with watercolors, especially when it's Harry Potter.

Hogwarts Express T-Shirt, $12, Etsy

8. Malfoy T-Shirt

For the Slytherin in all of us.

Malfoy T-Shirt, $12, Etsy

9. Swagrid T-Shirt

The shirt you never knew you needed.

Swagrid T-shirt, $18, Etsy

10. Deathly Hallows Shorts

For when it's deathly hot outside, and you need to keep cool.

Deathly Hallows Shorts, $22, Etsy

11. Luna Lovegood T-Shirt

This perfectly Luna shirt is the best addition to your summer wardrobe.

Lune Lovegood Shirt, $15, Etsy

12. Marauder's Map Tank Top

Solemnly swear to have the best summer ever with this shirt.

Marauder's Map Tank Top, $14, Etsy

13. Three Broomsticks Tank Top

Since we can't actually go to the Three Broomsticks to get a souvenir shirt, this one is the next best thing!

Three Broomsticks Tank Top, $22, Etsy

14. Harry Potter Title Tank Top

Which book is my favorite? Um, all of them.

Title Tank Top, $30, Etsy

15. Weasley Is Our King Tank Top

Because, let's be real, he is.

Weasley Tank Top, $30, Etsy