Andrea Parker Teases Mary Drake's 'PLL' History

by Kaitlin Reilly

Pretty Little Liars fans are good at picking up even the smallest of clues that the writers drop, which is why many of us spent years waiting for the show to reveal the twin we just knew was coming. Though fans have come up with plenty of detailed theories on who this twin could be, it didn't stop the ultimate reveal from being downright mind-blowing. PLL finally showed the face of its long-awaited twin at the end of the Season 6 finale, and it turns out that face looks an awful lot like Alison's mom. Mary Drake is Jessica DiLaurentis' twin, but that's not the only way she's connected to the family. Mary is also Charlotte's biological mother, and she seems hellbent on getting revenge for her murdered daughter. Could Mary's appearance in Rosewood spell trouble for the Liars — specifically Hanna? Pretty Little Liars Season 7 spoilers from Andrea Parker suggest we should keep a very close eye on Mary.

Though the Liars discovered Mary's Radley file, they don't know much else about this elusive character. Where did Mary come from? Why was she sent to Radley in the first place? In an interview with Bustle on set of PLL, Parker hints that it could have to do with her troubled childhood. "I don't think Mary was loved as a child," she says. "I think she's had a lot of pain and a lot of suffering in her world, whether that justifies her behavior or not." Will that make Mary a sympathetic character, much like Charlotte?

"She has a very vulnerable side, though I don't know how much we'll care about that," Parker says. However, when I ask if Mary could not be the villain or quintessential "evil twin" fans might expect, she says, "I think it's safe to say that for sure."

Mary might be unknown to the residents of Rosewood right now, but according to Parker, that won't be the case for very long: "[Mary] will be lurking in the corners [when Season 7 starts off], and then she'll come and talk to a few of the Liars," she teases of her new character's Rosewood arrival. And it's not just Alison that Mary is interested in, despite Mary working with Dr. Rollins to trick her into checking herself into a mental hospital. "Mary is the biological mother of Charlotte, so [her death] is certainly a wound that Mary will be dealing with. But everyone is involved in that experience, so it's not just about Charlotte, it's about all of the people who were in Charlotte's world. Mary is definitely interested in everyone."

Though Parker can't reveal too much about Mary's backstory, she does tease that fans won't have to wait long for the answers to some of their most burning questions about this twin. "Answers will be revealed every week for all of the characters, and definitely for Mary," she says. And for the Liars, that means they'll have to watch their backs every week. "[All of the Liars] will feel Mary's presence."

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