Steve Harvey’s Miss USA 2016 Sketch Pokes Fun At His Miss Universe Mishap

It's safe to say that Steve Harvey's Miss Universe 2015 flub — in which the comedian accidentally announced Miss Colombia as the winner, when the crown actually belonged to Miss Philippines — will forever go down as one of the biggest flubs in pageant history. So of course there was no better way than to kick off the Miss USA 2016 pageant than with a hilarious bit between Harvey and host Terrence J, during which the Family Feud host warned Terrence to never, ever utter the words "Miss Colombia" this evening. No matter what.

Seriously: Harvey couldn't have emphasized that point any more clearly than he did. It doesn't matter what fictional scenario Terrence brought up in which he would have to utter "Miss Colombia," Harvey comically shot him down instantly. I mean, hey, if he's learned one thing from the mishap, the lesson there is clearly never to say the words "Miss Colombia."

"Do not, under any circumstances, say Miss Colombia," Harvey advised the Miss USA host. "Don't say Colombia. No matter what happens."

But what if, for some reason, he did, Terrence asked. Well, Steve Harvey has some advice for you there, my friend: "Then you run. Just take off," he replied. "Just run. Walk off." And there you have it.