Who Is Nervo? The Miss USA Pageant Performers Get The Night Started With A Bang

The Miss USA pageant has kicked off on Fox on Sunday night with a fun cameo from infamous Miss Universe host Steve Harvey and an introduction to the ladies vying for the crown. But who is Nervo, the EDM duo operating the turntables behind the parade of contestants? They are Aussie twins Olivia and Miriam Nervo who are most well-known for their 2009 song "When Love Takes Over" with superstar DJ David Guetta. They have also have several hits around the world, including last year's "The Other Boys" (with fellow Aussie Kylie Minogue) and "Like Home" (with DJ Nicky Romero).

The 29-year-old twins won a Grammy with Guetta for "When Love Takes Over," and they definitely took over the Billboard charts with the hit single. But even after the big hit and subsequent releases, the Nervo sisters had a hard time making ends meet until recently, according to News.com.au. "We were depressed, at the end of our tether," Miriam told the Australian publication. "We’d had all these top 10s in the UK and they hadn’t changed our lives. Liv was going to become a dental hygienist." But their mentor Andrew Klippel told them to hang in there and not become a one hit wonder.

The duo has been performing all around the world and even made appearances on the soap opera One Life to Live and the series Styled to Rock. They've worked with pop and EDM royalty such as Britney Spears, Afrojack, Cheryl Cole, Armin Van Buuren, and Kelly Rowland. Last year, Nervo released their first studio album called Collateral on Ultra Records and it includes the track with Minogue. “We didn’t want to release an album of club bangers because we come from writing music. We even used to write music for commercials to make money,” Miriam said to News.com.au. "And we had such an array of different songs so we wanted music on there that had heart and feeling."

And they brought a lot of that heart to the Miss USA stage, starting off the pageant right.