Are These Stars Heading To 'DWTS?'

A new season of Dancing with the Stars is set to premiere March 17 and we still don't know which stars will be dancing. ABC puts off the reveal until only about two weeks before the show starts and nothing will be official under the new cast appears on Good Morning America March 4. Since that date is coming up soon, Dancing with the Stars cast rumors are starting and they sound pretty reasonable. It's not like anyone is saying, "Yep. Julia Roberts. She's definitely on there. Oh, and also George Clooney. He had an opening in his schedule." Instead, the rumors are about people who seem likely to actually get cast. Notably, stars of other reality shows. Let's take a look at the people rumored to join DWTS and try to predict how well they would do if they make the cut.

Bruce Jenner

This rumor has been around for a while. In January, it was reported that Jenner was "dying to do" Dancing with the Stars. It wasn't surprising that Jenner would be interested since he's been on a reality show for years now and is competitive — he's an Olympic gold medallist in case you forgot! — but he would not do well. I don't see him having much rhythm. He wouldn't get kicked off first, because of the entertainment value, so I give him two episodes.

Nene Leakes

As another reality show star, Nene Leakes is a likely candidate for DWTS . I think she has some moves in her. At the very least, she'd be confident which would help her appear as though she was doing a good job. She'd be eliminated at… hmm... let's say, week seven.

Candace Cameron Bure

Christopher Polk/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

DJ! Cameron Bure seems like she'd secretly be really good at dancing. Like, it would come out that she was taking lessons throughout the entirety of Full House. She could make it to the final three.

Sharon Osbourne

Gone in the first week. She would be stiff and not remember the moves. Sharon Osbourne is great from what I can tell (okay, fine, it's based primarily on an Amy Poehler impression) but I do not feel good about this.

Juan Pablo Galavis

I will be seriously surprised if this ends up happening; although it worked for Sean Lowe who joined DWTS after his Bachelor season. Galavis would do a great job because, as we've seen on The Bachelor way too many times, he enjoys dancing. He would get love from the judges and votes from people who choose to forget what a jerk he was on The Bachelor. He'd make it to the final three.

Cody Simpson

Brad Barket/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

This tween idol would also likely make it to the final three because the giant surge of tweens that start watching DWTS would vote for him religiously.

Ray Lewis

Ray Lewis wouldn't last long, but hopefully long enough that this dance can be worked into his choreography.

Tim Tebow

Sure. Why not? I think Tebow would be surprisingly good at first and then have a horrible drop off and get sent home. Not that that's based on anything…

Carla Hall

Carla Hall is one of the hosts of The Chew, a cooking/talk show on ABC. The ABC connection is important and could be a reason to cast her. This requires me admitting that I've seen The Chew, but she is a bit jittery. That could effect her dancing and she would get the boot in the first couple of weeks.

Stuart Scott

Scott is an ESPN analyst and USA Today claims that he's a likely cast member because he's "been battling a rare form of cancer since 2007" and "the show loves inspirational stories." I can't argue with that. Scott would get voted off in the middle somewhere.

So… out of the people making it to the final three, who is likely to win. It depends who ends up watching. If Cody Simpson fans really make an effort, he could take home the disco ball. If not, I'm thinking Candace Cameron Bure's wholesomeness would edge out Juan Pablo Galavis' sleaze. Now we just have to wait and see if any of these people end up getting cast. At least one of these rumors has to be true, right? (And hopefully it's Bruce!)