12 Perks Of Going To A Wedding Without A Plus One

I was not looking forward to this wedding season. I'm single, I don't have a saving grace plus one friend to help make me comfortable, and I have a lot of weddings. The last thing I wanted was to be a less than enthusiastic friend because of it. I'm so happy for my friends that are getting married, I'm just at a very different point in my life and maybe not feeling as excited about wedding season as they are.

As you get into your mid to late 20s, your priorities and your friend's priorities might split and go in different directions. And because you're both focused on such different endeavors, you might need to put a little bit extra effort into maintaining your friendship — the last thing you want to do is be unsupportive. So, while you might be focusing on your career or on travel or friendships, you should find a way to be supportive of your friend who is focused on getting married. At the end of the day, you're both on Pinterest, you're just pinning different things!

So, rather than getting down on the impending nuptials and celebrations, I decided to give myself an attitude make over. Going to a wedding alone has lots of perks, and I intend on focusing my energy on them. Here are some of the silver linings to being a wedding season loner:

You'll Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

You'll be uncomfortable at first, yes, but then you'll start to loosen up and meet people and get your groove on. Being put in a situation where you're instantly uncomfortable is one surefire way to challenge the bounds of your comfort zone and grow as an individual.

You Don't Have To Babysit

Sometimes bringing a date is a lot of work. If your date doesn't know anyone, you have to babysit them and make sure they're comfortable and they have everything they need. You feel weird leaving them alone and spend the whole night catering to them rather than focusing on your friends.

You're Forced To Be Social

Even if you're too shy to talk to people, people will talk to you. Showing up somewhere alone is actually a great way to make friends and get to know people. By the end of the night you'll have had a few conversations that would have never taken place if you came with a date.

The Night Can Go Anyway You Want

Going to a wedding alone is like being a free agent. You can go whatever way the wind blows. Your night can be whatever you make of it. The mystery holds magic.

You Can Spend Quality Time Catching Up

There are bound to be people at your friend's wedding who you want to catch up with. When you're not busy worrying about your date, you can fully immerse yourself into conversations with old friends and make the most of your time there.

You Might Meet Someone

While you shouldn't go into a wedding looking for a date — remember you're there to support your friend — you might meet someone you're attracted to. It happens all the time. Maybe it's a one night stand, maybe it's someone you end up dating. Either way, it's fun to think about the possibilities.

You Can Stay Totally Present

You're at the wedding to support your friend. Because you're on a solo mission, you can give her all of your attention. You can offer to help out if she needs it, you can be there to help her try to pee in her massive dress or hold her hair back if she needs it. Use this opportunity to be a super friend.

You'll Get To Eat The Cake

Most people go to weddings and never even taste the cake. They're too busy dancing and drinking and catching up. If you go by yourself, you'll make sure you don't forge about the cake! No distractions!

You Can Combine Forces With Other Loners

Surely there will be other people there who came alone. You can get to know them and dance together. Chances are, it will be easy to spot each other out.

You Don't Have To Match Your Outfit To Anyone Else's

Who cares if your dress matches her purse or his tie? You're on your own! You can wear whatever your heart desires.

You Can Get In On All The Photos

Feel free to spend a good portion of the night popping up in other people's pictures. Photo bomb every single picture you can fit in, why not!

You Can Call It A Night Whenever You Want

If you're exhausted by the time the cake is cut, you're free to go home. You don't have to wait for your partner to stop talking to someone or drag them off the dance floor. You call the shots when you're a solo guest. Stay until the venue closes or be the first to leave!

Images: Giphy, Universal Pictures