7 Reasons Being A Sweaty Person Is Awesome

If you tend to perspire a lot, you may see it as one of the more annoying things your body does without your permission. But you know what? There are actually a number of reasons being a sweaty person is awesome. And I know you may be thinking that there are no explanations that can mitigate leaving pit stains on all of your favorite tops. I get it. It's pretty not awesome to have to stay away from pastels and other light or bright colors if you're not in the mood for sweat marks. It's also not awesome to have to wipe your palms off on your pants (every time) before going in for a handshake, or having to avoid your favorite spicy foods with certain company because your forehead will turn into a fountain. But that's about the extent of the negative stuff. And the good totally outweighs the bad.

Seriously. Even though it seems like leaking salty water couldn't possibly do much more other than keep you cool when it's hot, there are some pretty surprising things that sweat does for your body. Here are seven reasons why you shouldn't wish to sweat less than you do. Because otherwise you might not reap as many of these awesome benefits.

1. That Natural Glow

Our highlight was on fleek before it was a thing. That natural tendency to perspire at any given moment means that our skin always has that gorgeous, glistening quality about it.

2. Clearer Skin

Sweating actually flushes out clogged pores, so all of that dirt and oil can be washed away when your pores open up to allow sweat through. Just be sure to shower or wipe away excess sweat so it doesn't sit on your skin for too long and re-clog your pores. As long as you manage it though, it's like having your own built-in zit-blaster.

3. Better BO

Because we tend to wear tops with wider sleeves or ones made out of more breathable fabrics so we don't sweat as much (or at least don't show it), we thereby allow better ventilation to our underarms. This helps prevent sweat from being trapped against the skin and causing worse body odor than normal.

4. Mini Detox

Sweating doesn't just flush out dirt and oil that could be breaking you out, it also flushes out other toxins like alcohol and salt. So if you're a sweaty person, think of it like getting a mini detox on the daily.

5. Immunity Boost

Dermatologist, Dr. Diane De Fiori told Medical Daily that human sweat contains an antimicrobial peptide called dermcidin, which can be effective against viruses, bacteria, and fungi, basically lowering your risk of certain types of infections. So don't curse your sweat — it's actually protecting you.

6. Reduced Risk Of Kidney Stones

If you've ever had a kidney stone or known someone who has, you understand that they can be really painful. But your regular perspiration can help prevent them. Research from the University of Washington found that sweating helps flush out salt while retaining calcium in the bones, which reduces the risk of stone formation. Oh and that extra water you drink to rehydrate also helps keep the kidney stones at bay. Lucky you.

7. Body Regulation

As you probably know, the main reason we sweat is to maintain homeostasis. When we get hot, we sweat to cool down. But what would happen if our bodies didn't regulate temperature properly? Exercise physiologist and Senior Director of Group Exercise at New York Sports Club, Melissa Morin told that, in extreme cases, a lack of sweat during a strenuous workout could lead to dizziness, skin rash, or even loss of consciousness during exercise. Good thing all that sweat is helping to keep you from being overheated.

Yeah, sweat is pretty awesome.

Images: pixolga, viganhajdari, Andi_Graf, DzeeShah, TheresaOtero, Foundry, evitaochel, parafly/Pixabay