These 5 Styles Won't Show If You're Sweating

Summer is my favorite season. I love the bright makeup and the bright clothing. But worry about finding clothes that hide sweat marks makes it hard to venture out into the sun wearing my favorite pastel tops. And while there are ways to keep from sweating as much, if you're someone who refuses to put down the hot sauce for any reason, it's your style, not lifestyle choices, that needs to be amended to stave off sweat marks.

Simply wearing white might seem like a good option. White hides sweat decently well. But if you use an antiperspirant that features an aluminum compound as the active ingredient, you're only asking for your pristine whites to later have unsightly yellow stains on the underarm area. So now what? While there are definitely some materials to shy away from (they trap sweat and can create worse-looking sweat stains), there are cuts and colors that can work for you — styles that will help better conceal any potential perspiration. And the best part is not only will some of these styles better hide sweat marks, but they will also help keep you cooler and less sweaty to begin with. Here are five summer styles to help keep perspiration (or at least the appearance of it) at bay.

1. Wide Armholes

Pretty solid logic here: If there's no cloth against your underarm, there's nothing for sweat to mark, right? Plus this airy option will allow for better air circulation, so more sweat can be evaporated than in a basic tee or tank.

2. Large Sleeves

In the same vein as wide armholes, if your top has sleeves, make sure they're wide enough so that no fabric is touching your underarm. It'll help you stay cool and your clothes stay dry.

3. Bold Prints

A busy print can easily hide a sweat stain because there's already so much going on, the sweat won't stand out.

4. Sheer Fabric

Sheerer, lighter materials can breathe better. That means sweat has a better chance to be evaporated rather than absorbed. But even if your shirt does pick up some moisture, gauzier fabrics won't show that they're wet as easily as thicker ones would.

5. Black

Yes, it can be hard to wear black during the summer, but this color is simply the best for hiding pesky sweat stains. Plus, it looks oh-so-cool.

Images: SolisImages/Fotolia