This 'GG' Moment Made It Hard To Be A Luke Fan

by Emily Lackey

Loving Luke Danes is a pretty easy thing to do. As an avid Gilmore Girls fan, I think I have loved him from the first moment he tipped that pitcher of coffee up and gave Lorelai Gilmore her first caffeine fix of the series. Seriously, there is plenty of love to go around for Luke Danes. But there was one Gilmore Girls moment that made loving Luke hard to do. He hasn’t been perfect all the time, even though his imperfection — and his surly attitude — are some of the things that I love the most about him. However, this moment made it really hard for me to wave my Luke Danes flag. In fact, I think I flew it at half-mast that day, because what he did was totally un-Luke like, and it was definitely not a good thing for his relationship with Lorelai.

You remember the moment: One minute, it was just Luke Danes, alone in his diner and loving Lorelai. They were engaged, in fact, and the date for their wedding — June 3 — had already been set. Then it happened: April Nardini walked into the diner, introduced herself as his daughter, and he decided not to tell Lorelai about it. As wonderful as it was to see Luke as a father, geeking out over saltshaker colors and showing her the ropes of his diner, deciding not tell Lorelai about his daughter when they were engaged to be married was the wrong thing to do.

But, you know, everyone makes mistakes. And maybe it just wasn't the right time, you know. He didn't want to jeopardizing their relationship, so he decided to put it off. That's understandable, right? Except Luke somehow made it worse by putting it off... for two months.

I honestly don’t know what was going on in that pea-sized brain of his, but when Luke decided to keep his 12-year-old daughter’s existence from his fiancé and the love of his life, it made loving him really difficult to do. I honestly can’t really remember a time when Luke was so blatantly deceitful with anyone, let alone Lorelai. Before that moment, he was always such an open guy, honest about who he was, what he was feeling, and what he had gone through. Even though he had his justifications for not telling Lorelai — because he had to figure this out himself before involving her — it never felt like he was being entirely himself. We're talking about the guy who listened to books on tape about opening up and being honest with your partner. Keeping an entire person from your fiancé certainly doesn't feel to me like something that was in line with his character. And it certainly was enough to make my devotion to him waiver pretty dramatically.

Here’s hoping that whatever Luke and Lorelai are up to in the Gilmore Girls revival, it includes a lot more honesty with each other. After all that strife, they and their fans definitely deserve it.

Image: Warner Bros. Pictures