'Bachelorette' Contestant Alex & His Twin Brother Adam Support Each Other Through Thick & Thin

When Chad's questionable antics aren't keeping him busy, The Bachelorette contestant Alex has been slowly building himself a television reputation as one of the "good ones," or, alternatively, the kind of contestant that your mom probably has a crush on. No matter what Chad might say about "good guys," there's something to be said for Alex's apparent pure-heartedness, and Alex and JoJo are one of the cutest potential couples of The Bachelorette this season, but no matter how many feelings Alex might catch for her during this season, it's been clear from the beginning that for him, family always comes first. That's especially true when it comes to his twin brother Adam — his identical sibling and obvious ride-or-die.

But who is Alex's twin? As it turns out, he's pretty similar to his brother — and the two have nearly as many shared interests as they do shared facial features. (I promise, that's really saying something.) You may have seen the duo during The Bachelorette premiere, but that only gave a taste of their brotherly bond. To get you a better idea of Alex, Adam, I've rounded up some of the sweetest similarities between the two brothers. Get ready to go, "Awww."

They're Big Fans of Commitment

Alex is on the hunt for his lady-to-be, but Adam has already found his soul mate in his wife Sarah, a faithful watcher of The Bachelorette and devoted doggy-mother who seems like a genuine blast to hang with. (Bonus point: Seems like she and JoJo would get along swimmingly!)

They Love Dogs

Adam, clearly a fan of the fuzzier things in life, has got an adorable (and I mean adorable) pup named Havoc, and Alex looks like he's just as happy as Havoc's honorary uncle, going so far as to deck himself out Pikachu-style to catch his little doggy eye in honor of his birthday.

They're Both (Very Rightfully) Proud of Serving Our Country

It takes a special kind of person to step up and serve our country. I salute you, boys!

They're Super Sporty

Alex would never pass up a motorcycle ride, and from the looks of this awesome snapshot, Adam is all about the ride too, whether it's on land or water.

They're Big On Tattoos

If JoJo likes bad boys, Alex could be right up her alley with a love for tattoos that's most definitely shared by bro Adam.

They Love Their Mom So Much

As if the boys didn't do enough together already, they've recently launched a joint Instagram. And the first order of business? Give it up to their mom. These guys were seriously raised right.

Alex's future on The Bachelorette is still yet to be revealed, but with such a solid family by his side, I'm sure his future is bright either way. Just don't get too close to Chad, Alex. I don't trust him.

Images: Craig Sjodin/ABC; giphy