Here's Why You Don't Have the New FB Emojis

Real talk: I love a new set of emoji. So why don't I have the Facebook Messenger women emoji that were recently announced? Is it the universe telling me I am the friend who immediately overuses any new tech trick she learns until it's tainted for her entire friend group? Because I already knew that was the case; everyone in my contacts list has received at least two Snapchats of me using the dog filter and they loved it. Or at least, I loved it. And I will love these new emoji. If only I had them.

In case you did not know and are thus wondering what I am rambling on about, Facebook Messenger recently released a new set of emoji. Fancy emoji. Women emojs. Women waving, women smiling, women wearing crowns like the queens that they are. These are all very relevant to the conversations that I have all the time; what was especially notable is that five emoji that have hitherto been presented as men — the Police Officer, Jogger, Pedestrian, Swimmer, and Surfer emoji — have been reimagined as women. It's an important statement about gender diversity; even better, more are apparently on the way. Yes please!

But many of noticed that on June 2, we still did not have these emoji. Where are my emoji? Why must I wait? If you, too, are waiting (and if you are one of these poor souls, my deepest apologies; it is so miserable out here in the cold, emoji-less landscape), here are a few possible explanations. They may not take away your pain, but... you know... knowledge is power.

1. You Don't Have Facebook Messenger

OK, this sounds very silly, but the new emojis are set to work specifically on the Android and iOS Facebook Messenger apps. The one you have to download separately from the just Facebook app. Not the Facebook you can access on your desktop or laptop browser. Yes? You get me? Here's how to fix that.

2. You Don't Have The Most Recent Version Of Messenger Installed

I have, on average, 15 to 20 app updates waiting to be installed and routinely insist that new app features "just don't work for me" because I forget that apps require maintenance. Update your Facebook Messenger. You will not regret it.

3. The Update Might Not Have Gotten To You Yet

You might just have to wait; although the emoji update was announced as rolling out on June 2, a Facebook spokesperson also confirmed to Bustle that it might take a few days for them to actually arrive for everyone. Life is unfair; we can't all be first in line; patience is a virtue; someday you'll look back on this and sm — wait. WAIT. HA HA, I GOT 'EM. I GOT THE LADY EMOJI. I WIN.

Good night and good luck, everyone.

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