How To Wear Glossier's Must-Have Highlighter

by Jessica Willingham

Glossier fans everywhere are breathing a sigh of relief because they can now get their highlight on with an Emily Weiss-approved product. If you're waiting for your Haloscope to arrive in the mail and are wanting to learn how to wear Glossier's new highlighter in the mean time, I'm here to teach you how.

Glossier launched its Haloscope highlighters on June 6. They are packaged as push-up sticks, so you can swipe it anywhere, on-the-go, with little-to-no blending. They come in two shades — Quartz and Topaz — and both deliver a dewy, hydrating, and glowy finish. Quartz is a pink, pearlescent color while Topaz will give you a sun-kissed, bronzy shine. They are each being sold separately for $22 a piece.

The coolest part about the Haloscope? The outer halo is infused with genuine crystal extracts, so you can get a glow, while also getting some good vibes (if you believe in crystals). The solid inner core of the stick is packed with vitamin-heavy moisturizers, like coconut and sweet almond oils, so you're healing and hydrating while highlighting. That means sexy, healthy skin. Who wouldn't love that?

If you've never experimented with highlighting, I think a dewy glow stick like Haloscope is a great, fool-proof way to start. You can use it in a million different ways, getting the most out of your $22 investment. Below are my favorite ways to wear highlighters this summer. Try it out with your new Haloscope!

1. Under Your Powder Highlight

Haloscope, $22, Glossier

Layer your highlights by starting with a cream and dusting a powder highlight on top, like Jaclyn Hill's Champagne Pop, for an extreme beam.

2. Mix The Two Shades Together

Another tip from the highlight queen Jaclyn Hill: mix an icy, fairer highlight, like Quartz, with a bronze highlight, like Topaz, for a truly versatile, universally complimentary shade.

3. Use Them On Your Body

Dab a Haloscape stick on your shoulders, chest, and arms for an all-over glow that sparkles at the pool and beach, or while you're out and about. You're showing more skin this summer, so why not highlight it?

4. Use As Eyeshadow

Swap powder eyeshadow and opt for the Topaz stick as your cream eyeshadow of choice this summer. By using the highlighter as a multi-purpose product, you'll cut down on the time and effort it takes to get ready.

5. To Plump Your Pout

Highlight the center of your lips and your cupid's bow to create more light and reflection at the fullest point of your lips, making them appear larger.

6. Under Your Foundation

Like a laminating primer, mixing some highlight into your regular primer or applying on your cheeks, brow bones and chin before your foundation can create a "glow from within" look that we all love.

Image: Glossier