Lauren Is Designing For Kohl's Again

If you loved her first collection, then you're going to be totally stoked when you hear that Lauren Conrad is designing a second runway collection for Kohl's. According to Us Weekly, the designer is back at it with another collaboration with the store, and from the sound of it, this one may be even better than her first.

It's been almost a year since Conrad launched her first collection, and she's taking all the experience of that and putting it into making her second collection the best that it could possibly be. "I think we learned a lot from the first collection, which was really exciting. The second time around is always going to be an improvement because you know what people like and what they want to see more of," she told Us Weekly .

So what's going to be different about this line? You can expect more formal pieces, luxe fabrics, a slightly more sophisticated feel, and deeper colors, like dark greens, grays, and deep wines. But for those of you who are a fan of the signature Lauren Conrad style, you don't have to worry — pinks and feminine florals are still going to be a constant. (Phew!)

"Blush has always been our neutral in our collections, and I think it's important to our brand," Conrad said.

It definitely wouldn't feel like Lauren Conrad without a super romantic, feminine aspect to the clothing, but I'm also excited to see what she does with darker, more sophisticated silhouettes and colors.

Just as long as there's still some pink in there, of course.

I think I speak on everyone's behalf when I say that I can't wait!