When You Flip Off JT, You Get the Bird Back

Justin Timberlake's a pro. That's fairly obvious as he's been working in the entertainment industry for approximately 84 years (the technical number is more like twenty years), but sometimes you just gotta say the obvious when it's relevant. Like when a fan flips Justin Timberlake off at his concert and Timberlake reacts accordingly. Like then. That's when you need to reiterate that he's a pro.

It all started when Timberlake was giving a speech to the audience about his love of Philadelphia — where the concert was taking place — and noticed a concert-goer waving a certain finger around, at which point he interrupted himself.

"Why are you flipping me off?" he said. "You got second row to flip me the bird? That makes no fucking sense." He continued with playful jabs at the fan, and it all culminated with the entire audience (and Justin) giving the finger to each other. He then said that it was the "strangest moment I've ever had with a crowd."

He's headed to Boston next, so I guess it's up to the historical city to find a way to trump getting flipped off. But hey, if there's any city that could do it, it's definitely Beantown.