Tom & Katie Of 'Pump Rules' Get A Home Makeover

Ah, summer. Such a bittersweet season. What you give in swimming pools and barbecues and excuses to eat multiple popsicles in a sitting, you lack in new Vanderpump Rules episodes. So, how does one get through this sweltering Pump Rules hiatus? How does one pass the time until the Season 5 premiere? Here's one idea: Watch a certain Pump -tastic episode of OMG We’re Coming Over!. In the latest installment of the YouTube series, show hosts Kate Albrecht and Joey Zehr redecorate the apartment of Tom Schwartz and Katie Maloney (h/t the Daily Dish). A home makeover show plus Vanderpump Rules? Don't mind if I do.

Over the course of the 18-minute segment, the Pump Rules stars' living room and dining room get lovely facelifts, and as is wont to happen at the end of a home makeover episode, the makeoverers give the makeoverees a tour of their spruced up abode. The highlight of this particular tour? As nice as the money curtains and the light fixtures and the tufted chairs and the metal “KT” letters (get it? Get it??) are, I’ve gotta say, I am a really big fan of Gordo’s Corner.

Heroes that they are, Albrecht and Zehr created a designated area for Gordo Vonfriendenheimer, Schwartz and Maloney’s upsettingly cute pooch. There is — spoiler alert! — a display shelf for his toy collection and a painting of his precious mug.

And — spoiler alert! — the one and only Gordo Vonunderbite makes a cameo. I know. I know. What a dream.

Image: Isabella Vosmikova/Bravo