7 'The Amanda Show' Sketches To Revisit Because The Series Is Headed Back To Nickelodeon — VIDEOS

Long before I was old enough to understand the satire of Saturday Night Live (or, rather, old enough to stay up late enough to watch it) I was watching another sketch comedy show better suited for my Nickelodeon-obsessed comedy palate: The Amanda Show. Looking back on the All That spinoff, I've come to realize just how important it was for young girls. While star of the series Amanda Bynes may have been what my parents described as "obnoxious," she was also unapologetically funny, and willing to go the extra mile to make her audience laugh. She didn't care about being pretty — she cared about being hilarious — and she was. That's why when I heard that The Amanda Show would be returning to Nickelodeon's "The Splat," I was thrilled. A new generation of young girls need to watch this show, and I, personally, want to revisit some of The Amanda Show 's funniest and most beloved sketches — ones that my formerly Nick-crazy friends and I can still quote to this day.

Though the series only ran from 1999 to 2002, The Amanda Show boasted plenty of hilarious sketches, all of which should entertain kids tuning in for the first time. (Slapstick humor is still pretty universal, even if the Netflix generation won't understand the Blockbuster spoof.) Here are just a few favorite sketches:

1. "Blockblister"

Dumbledoresarmy13 on YouTube

'90s kids know that a trip to Blockbuster was the perfect start to a Friday night, so it's only natural for The Amanda Show to include a Blockbuster spoof. Bynes and company's knockoffs of famous flicks was the kid-friendly predecessor to Be Kind Rewind.

2. "Moody's Point"

brookaboo92 on YouTube

This Dawson's Creek parody featured ridiculous subplots like Moody's mother flying away in a hot air balloon, but it would prove to be only about three percent less ridiculous than some of the plot points on actual teen drama One Tree Hill.

3. "The Girl's Room"

AmandaVideosPLEASE on YouTube

Before Tina Fey wrote The Plastics into existence, there was the girl's room clique. Debbie might give Karen a run for her money with her catchphrase "I like eggs."

4. "Judge Trudy"

Rewindnick3 on YouTube

Two words: dancing lobsters.

5. "Penelope Taynt"

johnnynl on YouTube

Bynes' alter ego Penelope is hilariously obsessed with the real-life Bynes, so much so that she tries to connect with her in any way possible. I sense a Fight Club situation.

6. "So You Wanna Win Five Dollars"

musiclvr303 on YouTube

This Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? spoof features Bynes as a particularly polished, slightly cruel game show host.

7. "Totally Kyle"

Vicky Vargas on YouTube

This sketch doesn't feature Bynes herself, but it's proof that pal and co-star Drake Bell should star in a remake of Fast Times At Ridgemont High.

Fans of the show will get to revisit these sketches (and a lot more) when The Amanda Show begins airing on The Splat.

Image: Nickelodeon