Hillary Clinton Inspires Girls With These Comments

Right before securing the remaining number of delegates (according to the Associated Press) needed to clinch the Democratic nomination, Hillary Clinton remarked that her possible nomination could "make a very big difference" for the country's daughters, who now know they could become anything — even President of the United States. As the Democratic nominee, Clinton is making history by becoming the first woman in U.S. history to top a major-party ticket.

On Monday night, the evening before the much-anticipated California primary, AP called the nomination for Clinton, who picked up a number of delegates throughout the weekend and beginning of the week. According to their most recent tally, it was the exact number needed to finally beat out her opponent, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders. This victory comes much further down the road than previously expected by Clinton and her supporters — Sanders and his camp have held out for far longer than many in the Democratic party anticipated or even wanted.

But should Sanders concede to Clinton following the new delegate count, the former Secretary of State will have finally shattered much of that all-too-relevant glass ceiling still present in politics. What's more, her victory comes exactly eight years after she conceded to then-Sen. Barack Obama in the 2008 presidential election. Then, she told supporters she had left "about 18 million cracks" in the "highest, hardest glass ceiling" during her first run for president.

And after receiving the news of her likely nomination on Monday, Clinton said she was "very touched and really encouraged" by the outpouring of support she's received from parents bringing their daughters to meet her, many of whom say they support her for their daughters.

It will make a very big difference for a father or a mother to be able to look at their daughter, just like they can look at their son, and say you can be anything that you want to be in this country, including president of the United States.

Whether you're a Clinton supporter or not, the historic significance of this moment cannot be ignored — in a country where women and girls fight every day to be heard (and not merely seen), having a woman finally stand a chance at securing the nation's highest office is, to put it lightly, pretty damn awesome. Clinton's potential nomination — and better yet, presidency — would help put some final cracks into that glass ceiling.